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    What do y'all make of the swiss drafts online.

    I think they're a mixed blessing. They're easier on newer players because they get to play more games with draft decks, without the harsh one and done nature of single elimination. However, I've seen a lot of sharks play in them, who are clearly way beyond the standard of the normal swiss player.

    The prize structure is nice if you're a middling player, but not so great if you can do well.
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    i love swiss drafts, playing 3 rounds for sure is awesome and i almost do swiss exclusively unless i am running out of boosters

    dunno about the thing about sharks and "normal" swiss player, i usually can't tell the lvl of my opponent until the end of the game when i can see how much my rating changed and from my experience, not many good people with super high rating play in swiss

    i also see statements that the player pool in swiss drafts are a lot worse than 4322 but tbh that is not true in my personal experience
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    Agreed with Human. Swiss is what I always pick if I have the choice. I am paying at least $15 for each draft, so I better be guaranteed at least 3 matches. I also have terrible luck with the shuffler, so that even if I have an awesome deck, i quite often lose the first game or 2 due to mana screw or flood.
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    I recently figured I should just switch to playing Swiss most of the time, at least over 4-3-2-2. The level of drafting and play is obviously different from 8-4, but I'm playing MTG for fun first and foremost and first round exits are not that. And for me personally I feel the EV for prizes is pretty much the same between Swiss and 4-3-2-2. Going 3-0 or 2-1 most of the time and occasional first round exit in 4-3-2-2 kinda balance out.

    I'll switch to 8-4 again when I feel I need to really prep the format (come the nationals over summer for example), or when I feel I can really handle the format well and consistently go finals or round 2 at least. This hasn't really happened since ACR drafts that I felt I had figured out.
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    Done my first 2 proper drafts ever due to joining MTGO yesterday after a long break from magic, and Swiss nix-tix M10 is very nice imo. I don't like that you can only break even, but I do like the low risk, and I agree with the poster above, Magic is primarily about fun.
    Went 2-1 and 3-0, which I was happy with.

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    they're better than 4322s, but the average skill level is quite poor and it's rarely going to pay for more than your next draft
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    You really should play them over 4-3-2-2s, as that queue has worse EV than 8-4 or Swiss (depending on your win %) no matter what.

    I personally play Swiss from time to time too, when I'm just looking to draft a fun deck and have a good time. Which happens reasonably often Smile

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    Without swiss I wouldnt be able to play limited at all. I have no local places, and the other formats are too unforgiving. This is coming from someone who is very new to limited and semi new to magic itself. I just played my first swiss game today, and I went 0-6. Yup, lost all 6 matches. I should probably read up on how to play limited better before just wasting my money though. Didn't get any good rares out of it either... anyway. The point is, without swiss I would be paying a lot more money for the same amount of experience. Well, I wouldn't be paying any money, because I straight up would even bother lol.
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    Quote from unholyburger
    I should probably read up on how to play limited better before just wasting my money though.

    It's not a waste if you enjoy the games!

    In every Swiss draft someone goes 0-3. It's an unfortunate feature of all online forums (and this one thankfully least of those I've seen) that people post about a mixture of wins and bad beats in a way that makes it sound like an average record is some kind of failure and a losing record is inconceivable.

    In reality it's just that playing a lot of Limited makes you better at it. The same people who play more tend to post more.

    Everyone would prefer to win, I suppose, but if matches you lose aren't fun at all then Magic fails as a game.
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    Swiss is a great queue if you want to play, and care less about EV, and QPs and whatever.

    Of course, occasionally, you'll have people way above the average swiss queue level playing in them (most of the time for QPs), and I have done it before too (but I got unlucky a couple of times, i.e. manascrew that it tanked my rating for a while, so sometimes it's a gamble too), but overall, it's a good experience, particularly if you like playing Magic.

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    If I lose in the first round of an 8-4, I don't really learn anything. Maybe I'll see later that the guy who beat me won the draft, or maybe I won't.

    In Zendikar, where the games are quick and curving out is important, it's very hard to tell what you did wrong in only two games. For one, you don't see two thirds of the cards you picked.

    In swiss, I can't tell you how many times I've gone Loss-Win-Win. Walking away with two packs is nice, but the important thing is walking away with the knowledge of how my deck performed over six or seven games. Cards will actually go up or down in my opinion. I'll see cool synergies I haven't thought of.

    The experience of playing is also really nice. In a single elim draft, a blowout sucks, and a close game is nerve wracking. In swiss, a blowout is just kind of funny, and a close game is really entertaining.

    That's just my two cents. I love swiss. As for the player level, I've never felt like it was just plowing through three nubs.

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