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    Hey guys i am just making this thread because i would like to know any tips and tricks that can help me or anyone else stand a better chance at our local prereleases. I have been playing since avacyn but i have only done 2 pre releases so far one went well the other went horribly, as of late i play a lot of commander and not much standard.

    I really enjoy limited and sealed mtg but im not going to lie my deck creating skills under a time limit can be quite poor so any help would really be appreciated thanks.
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    Prereleases aren't especially competitive environments, so if you go in without much clue about what to do, you'll get plenty of help. Unlike most tournaments, you're actually allowed to rebuild your deck between rounds, so it shouldn't be a big deal if you struggle with your build at first.

    If you're looking for strategy advice, this is a brand new format and all of the recent threads in this forum are full of people speculating about it, but no one really has any concrete data.
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    Wit's End is the PERFECT answer to your opponent's Monomania however.
    Just hold on to your Wit's End when they Monomania, so you can Wit's End them on your next turn!!! Slant

    I think this is fairly reminiscent of the "Jace Battles" we have seen in past standards.. My guess is we will soon witness the great Monomania-Wit's End battles.

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    As Puddlejumper said, do your best to build, but you can change your deck between rounds, so feel free to keep tweaking.

    Also, I've always found it useful to know all new common and uncommon instants and flash creatures. Knowing what tricks could be out there can help your game play quite a bit.

    Good luck!
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    Organize pool by CMC and color, that usually helps a lot mentally. ask a better player if they could look at your pool and give you some tips too. i've helped rebuild people's pools, i feel most experienced players are good about that (in my experience). unless they are jerks :p
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