Flamecast Wheel

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    What do you think? I think I may be valuing it too highly...
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    It's... okay. If you lack removal it's serviceable in Gx ramp/stompy, but by the time you get to six mana in this format, three damage probably isn't doing nearly enough. It's similar to Vial of Poison; your opponents will see it coming often enough, and it will likely require you to 2-for-1 yourself in order to take someone down.

    I'd rather side it in (vs evasion) than side it out (vs monsters or good heroes.)
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    I haven't played it yet, since it's never made the cut. I guess in some sort of ramp deck?.
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    Yeah, in sealed it's perfectly fine removal for decks that are removal light. In draft, that's not so much an issue unless you drafted badly so...I guess it's for decks that didn't quite work as planned and they can't afford to replace it with a 20th land?
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    I think this is fairly reminiscent of the "Jace Battles" we have seen in past standards.. My guess is we will soon witness the great Monomania-Wit's End battles.

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    I wouldn't call this downright unplayable, but it's a sideboard or even maindeckable if you really need that removal if they have some annoying utility creature.

    For example, let's say you are playing GW against RW heroic and they have Anax and Cymede and like to make tokens, Flamecast Wheel wouldn't be so bad
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    Meh. It doesn't impress. I'd grab one if I was badly lacking in removal for whatever reason. Otherwise there are plenty of other cards I'd rather have.
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    It's just so much weaker in this format than in most. It hardly can even kill evasive beaters in this format thanks to all the enchantment and combat tricks. I would avoid playing this at all costs.
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    Too slow and doesn't do enough. Things with 3 or less toughness I need to kill before turn 5, and things I need to kill after turn 5 have more toughness than 3.
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    I'd only play it if I were running a Monstrous-based ramp deck. In that case, I'd likely be short on cheap castables, confident in my ability to get to 5+ mana, and not wanting to get into a situation where my opponent is dropping chump blockers to stave me off.

    It's still not great, but it's playable in that kind of deck at least. And it is a removal spell that you can grab pretty late in a pack, so if you need a removal spell, you can at least be pretty sure you'll be able to get one.
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