Black/Green Token Deck!

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    I have been pretty successful with the following black/green token deck that I have been running at my local magic shop. But I think there is potential to make it better. Any help is highly appreciated!





    It's not meant to be super competitive, but it should be more than just a fun deck. Basic Idea is to get out bitterblossom and awakening zone fast, always have more creatures than the opponent, pump them with gaeas anthem or sac the awakening zone spawns for mana and if you have a grave pact in play opponents creatures are basically totally shut down. eternal witness to get the enchantments back once they go. maelstrom for removal. birds and llanowar for mana accelaration. essence warden to get 1 life for each token comin into play and basically having a bitterblossom without getting damage.overrun and garruk for the kill. its running really good but I am still wondering whether you have suggestions how to make it even better? that would be awesome! I was thinking to run doubling season to take the token amount to the next level, I dont know if thats a good idea, what do you think?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Hehe That seems fun. I am by far no expert on token decks, but I have messed around with Ideas in the past, Working on a Squirrel Opposition deck atm though.

    I can give you a few suggestions but it may be pricey, don't go overbudget on this deck though if you don't want to. Grin

    Anyways May I suggest the following?:

    For Mana Base:
    aaronc123's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Bayou
    4 Verdant Catacombs
    3 Wasteland
    1 Gaea's Cradle
    3 Bloodstained Mire
    3 Forest
    3 Swamp

    *This Manabase would be nice in your deck. Fetches also thin out your deck

    Consider adding Tutors/card draw in :symb::symg:?

    Diabolic Intent seems like it would be sick with this deck. (can probably cut down Grave pact to 1-2, TOOLBOX)
    Sylvan Library If you find you get lots of life, this is good.
    Dark Confidant Instead of Library
    Worldly Tutor used with card draw to get creatures you need
    Skeletal Scrying seems like it would also do well in this deck
    Crop Rotation you could run 1 of Gaea's Cradle, Maze of Ith, etc.
    Land Grant pretty good too, snatch up a Dual thats half forest
    Grim Tutor best tutor, but really pricey

    Token Generating cards:

    I like what you have, but consider:
    Worm Harvest
    Saproling Burst
    Squirrel Nest (Can get rediculous with Candelabra of Tawnos, can also be 1 ofs each if you run tutors)

    You seem like you also need some Disruption. I think putting some on your sideboard at least would allow you to have a better chance against combo decks etc.


    Sinkhole Don't have to destroy all lands just important ones
    Hymn to Tourach always good
    Duress Good

    Mana accel/fix is always good Strong point of black/green
    Culling the Weak
    Dark Ritual (Turn 2 Gravepact seems Strong lol)
    Cabal Ritual
    Lotus Cobra

    The last thing, how about some alternate win cons? Maybe you don't need them but how about a viable plan B?

    Grindstone/Painter's Servant Combo
    Helm of Obedience/Leyline of the Void Combo
    Natural Order/Progenitus would be a nastly little addendum Post sideboard LOL

    *** Again, you wouldn't need 4 ofs of combo cards if you run: 4x Diabloc Intent

    P.S.: how do you handle something like 2x Engineered Plague set to Faeries? (thats what Gooyfs/tombstalkers are good to get around)

    Maybe Krosan Grip MD/SB

    EDIT: P.P.S If you Really want to aggrivate people splash blue mana and put 4x Opposition in your deck LOL!
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    Thank you mchief111, great sig

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    Thanks alot for all the suggestions. Yeah I know, the mana base is not perfect, but right now i dont wanna spend a fortune on 4 bayous. I love the sylvan library suggestion, i am gonna include that card for sure. Especially with the lifegain the library can be great! thanks alot.
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    If you're in BG, you could use some Creakwood Liege...Is very cheap ($) and can take the place of the anthem.

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    Yes, I thought about him, but I really wanted to pump my eldrazi token, and they are colorless. Thats why I run gaeas anthem. Thanks for the input though!
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    In your color combination there is the combination of Life from the Loam and Zombie Infestation. Loam needs to be built around though, but in the same way opens up new design options.

    aaron posted some nice suggestions, I personally really like the idea of Diabolic Intent toolboxing. And you absolutely need some options to disrupt your opponent. Running into Daze/Force of Will with your gamebreaking engine is no fun. You should consider at least 4 slots for Duress/Thoughtseize
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    Your deck seems to be legal in Extended.
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    creakwood wouldn't help out the awakening zone tokens, and those are some awfully useful tokens. I'd suggest staying with the anthems as they're slightly harder to kill. Seeing all those tokens makes me want to splash a tiny bit of white for glare of subdual over grave pact, but that's just me. some discard couldn't hurt, though. you do need some way of stopping your opponents and you're in the colors that can do it.

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