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    Ulvenwald tracker

    Got this card in a draft today. Picked it because i could possibly see it as a GSZ target in maverick or band. A friend of mine completely disagrees.
    Tutorable "removal" on a stick seems pretty playable to me.

    so what are your opinions? is this card playable or completely useless.

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    I think it's underrated and will find a home as a one-of in many GSZ decks. Certainly not a format staples, but it will see play.
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    It might see a play as a tutorable one of. The problem with it is that it requires that you have a creature to work with to "fight". I'm thinking it may be relegated to the SB.
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    Already been brought up about 15 times in the maverick thread:

    Conclusion: Flashy but not good enough for legacy meta in general. (slow, mana sink, requires you have bigger/better dudes in play ===> win more).

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    You are absolutely on the right track. Any deck that runs GSZ and creatures that like to fight (Knight of the Reliquary, Tarmogoyf, Scavenging Ooze) will probably run one, and maybe a second for the board.

    Very solid.
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    I wouldn't dismiss this in maverick mirrors so fast. If they have mother of runes out, you want to be able to kill their KotR with your KotR. I also love that it's a 1 drop. I don't play maverick, but this seems like a card maverick would want to gain card advantage. Sure it's fragile, but if they swords it, that's just one less swords for knight or other big dudes.
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