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    Hello Horde fans! Ive finally got around to writing about my Horde deck that ive been working on for some time now. I hope im ok to post a link to my blog rather than C+P all the content?


    It doesn't necessarily have to be faced with EDH decks, but this seems to be the sub-forum where Horde variants are posted. Looking at another Horde magic forum Ill go about creating a post with a bit more info (turn structure, etc) and probably a full MTGS decklist at some point. For now, the decklist can simply be found here http://www.essentialmagic.com/decks/View.asp?ID=668751

    I'm just looking for some feedback really, i'm open to any thoughts, ideas and opinions you might have Smile
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    My only issue with the Rats variant is the massive amount of spells being cast. By having it reveal until a Relentless Rats appears (which handles the size of each Relentless Rat), you have possibly 6-7 spells that can be cast each turn.

    If someone on the Survivor side has a Rhystic Study or Pandemonium out (I know, not great cards for this format[/card], then the Rat Horde simply becomes ridiculous or in the case of Rhystic Study, the Survivors get a ridiculous bonus.

    Something you could think of doing is creating your own Rat Tokens. This way you could keep the Horde deck playing like it should (tokens until a non-token) as well as being able to become more specific with the non-tokens the Horde plays.

    Another card to suggest for this deck would be Marrow-Gnawer. He is exactly the same as an Endless Ranks of the Dead and is able to be killed off a little easier. However, the turn he comes into play the Survivors have to face an army twice as big and have it grow exponentially until they can deal with him.
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    Hmm, well I do actually have a Marrow-Gnawer I think, but I cut him from the deck to go into my trade folder along with the other rares. But I could make some rules for him to act as a "lord" where the rat deck could activate his ability each turn Smile

    Of course there are some cards that would cause the game to break. We will just have to be careful not to cast these lol. As for the sheer volume of spells, ~40/200 Relentless Rats means the rat deck averages 5 Rats per turn. Some turns can be much worse for the survivors though, such is the nature of Horde magic i guess!

    Thanks for the feedback, some things to think about there Smile
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    Bloodbond March is a card I strongly recommend if you don't have it all ready. It turns flipping a Relentless rats from scary, to back breaking.
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