Crypt Ghast

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    Crypt Ghast

    I have x4 of this dude and I really want to find a use for him in a Multiplayer environment.

    Off the top of my head he would be stellar in an Exsanguinate / Ramp Deck.


    I found this wacky deck here Woo Brews with him.

    I started my own version for casual play here Black Tides

    thewrush's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    Land (25)
    4x Drowned Catacomb
    1x Island
    2x Kessig Wolf Run
    12x Swamp
    2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    4x Watery Grave

    3x Chromatic Lantern

    4x Clone
    4x Crypt Ghast
    4x Evil Twin
    1x Griselbrand
    1x Havengul Lich

    1x Stroke of Genius
    4x Think Twice

    1x Demonic Tutor
    4x Ponder
    2x Rite of Replication
    1x Yawgmoth's Will

    1x Cast Through Time
    4x Heartless Summoning

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    While extort is always welcome, Crypt Ghast suffers from the same issues as any mana dork in multiplayer including the somewhat similar Magus of the Coffers; sweeps are just devastating and the 2/2 body is underwhelming. It's always going to be safer to power out Exsanguinates with mana rocks and Cabal Coffers, but if you can get away with Ghast in your meta, go for it but I'd personally rather run a creature with more bite or if extort is what I'm going for; I'd rather run Thrull Parasite or Tithe Drinker that will hit the table faster.

    In regards to your deck; I think it's interesting, but the amount of reliance on Crypt Ghast and the amount of assembly required makes me apprehensive.
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    I just feel like there are better options to ramp in black other than crypt gas. What does crypt ghast have over something like cabal coffers? Or even a Nirkana Revenant which has the same effect for 1 mana more but at least shes a 4/4 body that can pump herself.
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    I'd guess it's meta dependant. The ghast can be very powerful at smaller tables.

    I like the list but I'm not sure about the heartless summonings. I'd trade those for a playset of win condition of your choice that aren't ghast dependent. Preferably some card that scales well with all those copy effects.
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    Yeah unfortunately he is difficult to protect. I did get a Griselbrand out with him turn 5 but that is pretty rare.

    Other than that he really doesn't have a purpose in most decks. The ramp is nice but I can only see it useful for drain spells. He doesn't get to stay around once someone reads he doubles mana.

    I'll see if I can come up with a drain life deck.
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    Geez. Tough crowd. I'm surprised that so many people have so many negative things to say about him. I personally think that he's an amazing card and I definitely underrated him when he was initially spoiled.

    Cabal Coffers is fine and all but not every can afford them and not everyone can find them. I know that many MTG players live in foreign countries and it's not easy for them to order the cards that they need online and their LGSes aren't exactly stocked with oldschool goodies. Some people need access to newer, cheaper alternatives.

    With respect to the card being weak to sweepers, meh, I don't find that to be the case. Using the OP's deck as an example, I would just field 4x Griselbrand were it me playing it. Ok, sure, that's not the most budget-friendly option, but I mean it gets the job done. The reality is that once you can start casting 8+ mana spells you can usually mitigate Wraths and such fairly easily with raw card draw. Remember, Black has a host of Promise of Power-like effects at its disposal. Once you factor Extort in to the equation these cards become quite beastly.

    Could the card draw targeted hate? Sure. Still, that doesn't really bother me. People in my meta have been heavily influenced by me and so pretty much everyone is playing with stupidly powerful cards. You can't just fire off removal at the "scary" cawhile because of that. That is, good cards tend to thrive in "good card environments" in my experience.
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    Ok, I might have underestimated Crypt Ghast a bit, especially in regards to your deck which I have extensively been play testing because it interested me. I've had a decent amount of success, granted this wasn't testing against real opponents, but it's a start.

    My list looks like this: (Some exclusions for budget and/or Legacy legality purposes). I haven't found Kessig Wolf Run overly useful in the deck as all victories have come off of massive extorts.

    Giblets's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4x Crypt Ghast
    4x Evil Twin
    3x Griselbrand
    1x Havengul Lich
    4x Phyrexian Metamorph

    4x Heartless Summoning

    4x Drowned Catacomb
    1x Island
    14x Swamp
    1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    4x Watery Grave

    2x Cyclonic Rift
    4x Think Twice

    4x Ponder
    2x Rite of Replication

    4x Chromatic Lantern

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    Quote from thewrush
    Crypt Ghast

    I have x4 of this dude and I really want to find a use for him in a Multiplayer environment.

    That's easy. I suggest you put him in a deck with Swamps. There you go. You're welcome!

    No seriously, this thing is totally fine all by itself. It makes loads of mana, it gives you life, it slowly kills your opponents. There's not much more you can ask for in a 4-mana card. And it really doesn't matter what else is in the deck for any of that to work (except for Swamps and other spells.) You could go crazy with Griselbrand but you could also just play stuff.
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    I run 3 of them (all I have) alongside lone copies of Nirkana Revenant, Cabal Coffers, and Magus of the Coffers to cast huge Exsanguinates from an otherwise simple monoblack deck. These are the copies I have, because, as Cz stated, not everyone can get the best options, so we settle for what's available.

    My meta is sweeper lite, and sometimes the extort is useful. Truly, though, all I really use it for is a mana doubler. It is a simple deck, but it works.

    In short, view extort as a bonus, with doubling as the main reason to run him.

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