Nylea, God of Mono-Green

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    As soon as I saw the previews of the God cards from Theros, I knew that I needed to build a cycle of decks based around each of them - they're so beautiful thematically and combine an elegant card design with some interesting deck-building decisions. The fact that my local group might just end up running a monocoloured Battle of the Gods tournament only makes the idea that much more attractive.

    There are three main aspects that I wanted to focus on when designing the deck - reaching Nylea's devotion threshold as quickly and consistently as possible, benefitting from having Nylea on the field (as opposed to another comparable beatstick) and remaining able to win without having to draw into Nylea. From first glance, a central core of Nylea, Predator Ooze and Wolfir Silverheart was reasonably obvious - although a low curve capping out with the Silverheart was a possibility, I wanted to be slightly more top-heavy deck to exploit Nylea using bigger, more durable creatures.

    Ardent Dawn's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    24 Forest

    4 Arbor Elf
    2 Ulvenwald Tracker
    4 Predator Ooze
    3 Troll Ascetic
    3 Nylea, God of the Hunt
    4 Deadbridge Goliath
    3 Acidic Slime
    3 Wolfir Silverheart
    3 Cloudthresher

    4 Wild Growth
    3 Vines of Vastwood

    The ideal curve for the deck is a Turn 1 mana source into a Turn 2 Predator Ooze and Turn 3 Nylea - Nylea adores having three points of indestructible devotion to turn her 6/6 body online, and in return, providing a powerful source of Trample for Predator Ooze means that his gradually ramping power can start hitting home regardless of chump blockers and token producers. While Arbor Elf is somewhat vulnerable to removal compared to Wild Growth (which would turn off a Turn 3 Nylea), simply dropping another creature on Turn 4 is enough to turn Nylea back online and allow her to swing without summoning sickness.

    Wolfir Silverheart is obviously an extremely powerful card in its own right, but having Nylea on the field means that all 12 of the power that the Silverheart provides benefits from Trample. Wolfir Silverheart is also the main reason that I'm debating running Llanowar Elves over Wild Growth - although Wild Growth is harder to kill and provides additional mana when it happens to pair up with Arbor Elf, Silverheart and Nylea can turn a 1/1 creature into a respectable threat. Deadbridge Goliath is intended to function in a similar manner - not only does it provide a cost-effective beatstick to swing and hold the field in the early game, but having the ability to provide +1/+1 counters to a more durable threat (such as Troll Ascetic or Predator Ooze) that also benefits from Trample gives the Goliath a reasonable amount of late-game power.

    Regarding utility, Acidic Slime synergises beautifully with Nylea, providing that magical combination of Deathtouch, Trample and a pumping effect even without Nylea meeting her devotion threshold. Boosting it up to a 7/7 Deathtouch Trampler with an unpredictable pump effect using Deathbridge Goliath and Nylea makes the Slime nigh-impossible to profitably block in the late-game, all while providing a simple 2-for-1 trade without any other cards on the field. Ulvenwald Tracker not only synergises with the Slime (delivering Deathtouch at will), but he also adores working with powerful, Indestructible creatures such as Nylea and Predator Ooze.

    Although Cloudthresher happens to meet Nylea's devotion threshold on its own (including the green mana in Nylea's mana cost), the main reason for running the Cloudthresher is to provide a strong anti-flyer threat, either clearing out early flyers using Invoke or hitting the field as a bulky 7/7 Trampler alongside Nylea. I considered using Beast Within in the last three slots, and would still be happy to swap them into the deck, but Vines of Vastwood provides protection from cards such as Journey to Nowhere and Path to Exile that would be able to bypass the various resistances of the deck. If I were to tweak the deck for a multiplayer setting, then I would most likely drop the one-off protection for Lurking Predators to exploit the deck's high creature count.
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