Consistent turn 1 win?

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    I'm looking for a deck for the school tournament that'd blow the opponents away. A turn 1 kill deck. Are there any good, and consistent ones?

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    Storm Crow + Black lotus, you'll rock it.
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    Um, well, without spending a large amount I can't think of anything.

    If you're wanting to do budget, Elves combo might work. Though, it's much less a consistent turn 1 win and more of a turn 2-3 win (oftentimes without giving your opponent more than 1 or 2 turns thanks to Emrakul and the fact that the deck can kill on the play).

    In order to hit turn 1 and 2 kills more consistently, you'd have to throw away the protection that makes the deck work through disruption, so expect it to be very one-dimensional.

    Here's the thread for Legacy Elves combo:

    A basic reminder is that 4 Elvish Spirit Guides will wind up being absolutely necessary as in order to go off on turn 1. This will probably wind up being more of a turn 2 win instead of 3, though. Slant

    Charbelcher decks can win on turn 1, too. Can I link to Mtgthesource? I found a very, very good Primer on Charbelcher there. I'll copy/paste a decklist for you, at least:

    Pook and Pie's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4 Goblin Charbelcher
    4 Empty the Warrens
    4 Simian Spirit Guide
    3 Elvish Spirit Guide
    3 Manamorphose
    4 Dark Ritual
    4 Pyretic Ritual
    4 Desperate Ritual
    4 Seething Song
    4 Land Grant
    4 Gitaxian Probe
    4 Street Wraith
    4 Lotus Bloom
    4 Safewright Quest
    4 Lotus Petal
    1 Bayou
    1 Taiga

    See how this floats your boat.

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    there's two routes you can go. Utterly unfair with flash-hulk (which is actually a turn 0 kill at times) with lots of obscure cards or consistently evil with a Modern powerhouse, the Sam black mono-blue infect deck from Modern. It can get a turn 2 kill as well as some later turn ones but also packs tons and tons for countermagic in order to make life hard for your opponent.

    Mono-blue Infect

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    Oh wow, how did I forget Flash Hulk? That would actually be the cheapest deck that could get a turn 4 win, consistently.

    The cheap-version of the deck could be something like this:

    Pook and Pie's DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    4x Protean Hulk
    4x Flash
    4x Summoner's Pact
    4x Merchant Scroll

    4x Disciple of the Vault
    4x Shifting Wall
    4x Phyrexian Marauder
    1x Atog

    4x Simian Spirit Guide
    4x Accelerator of your choice

    23x Island

    The basic premise is this: Get a Flash, Hulk or Summoner's Pact and an accelerator card into your hand on your first or second turn. Flash the Hulk into play, do not pay the difference between Flash and Hulk, sending the Hulk to the graveyard. Fetch all copies of Shifting Wall and Phyrexian Marauder (their mana costs are zero, after all), fetch the 4 Disciples of the Vault and - BAM - upon resolution of the Hulk's ability, all 8 of the artifact creatures go to the graveyard for 32 life loss total on your opponent by turn 1 or 2. If you want to go overkill and kill a whole table, toss in Phyrexian Walker, Ornithopter, Memnite and Shield Sphere plus an Atog to completely kill a group of 4-5 people early, just to show you can.

    The best part is: The above cards are about $.50-$1 each. The Hulks run about $2, and the Flashes run about the same. The problem is the Summoner's Pact, which run about $8 a pop. Admittingly, the deck would probably cost a grand total of $60, but a good portion of it would be spent in the Summoner's Pacts. There are replacements, I just can't think of any that enable the kill turn 1 and give you 8 virtual Hulks. Merchant Scroll is your Flash-fetcher, which doesn't help turn 1 kills, but it sets you up for turn 2 and 3 ones nearly guaranteed (as you're essentially running 8 of each combo card, and it's a 2 card combo that only requires 2 mana to "go off.").

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    Honestly I think your going a bit too spike. If its a school tourney just build a deck. If you were to build a turn one win deck, that completely ruins the challenge of magic. The fun of magic is there are two players both trying to win. Both players have a stratagey, system, and play style of how to acomplish that win. If you do a turn 1 win deck, thats unfun and the tourney organizer will probaly just ban you from playing that deck again. Again I assume this is just a casual tourney. Coming from a Timmy/ Johnny
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    Format is anything goes. No banlist except Planeswalkers, Platinum Angel, and Sol Ring.

    Other people told me they're probably going to use 1st turn kill with chancellors since I won last years using discard.

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    If u're lookin for an OTK strategy, i'd suggest you to change game... this is magic, not yugioh, where playin Demise and its stuff let you win without usin your brain... Slant

    Eximperialdragon, isn't DOTV banned? XD Nice one anyway ^^
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    Disciple of the Vault is banned... in Block Constructed, where you can only build your deck out of Mirrodin, Fifth Dawn and Darksteel cards. It's legal in Legacy, Vintage and Modern, the eternal formats (because it's obviously banned in Standard and Extended too as it rotated out of those formats a long, long time ago).

    It's Flash that's restricted in Vintage and banned in Legacy. Though, he mentioned no banlist aside from some select, random cards, so it's not a problem (as you don't have to adhere to banned/restricted lists in casual play).

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    Sorry guys, but i've changed my mind about a turn one kill. As it turns out that Chancellor turn 1 kill deck some people were going to use is very inconsistent. So i'm using something else. My bad if I crushed everyone, and thanks for helping.

    @Atanhe.....Yeah Demise OTK is terrible. Exodia FTK is better. Now back on topic.....

    Using Angels instead. Alot more fun.

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