Green / White: Life Gain

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    Any suggestions on how to improve this deck are appreciated.

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    Lands: 24
    8 Forest
    8 Plains
    4 Windswept Heath
    4 Savannah

    Artifacts: 4
    2 Coldsteel Heart
    2 Well of Lost Dreams

    Creatures: 20
    4 Kitchen Finks
    4 Loxodon Hierarch
    4 Ageless Entity
    4 Aven Riftwatcher
    4 Wall of Reverence

    Enchantments: 4
    4 Faith's Fetters

    Instants: 4
    4 Path to Exile

    Sorcerys: 4
    4 Captured Sunlight

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    I'll never understand why everyone loves Faith's Fetters. It's four mana and doesn't even remove the permanent, bad when it has a triggered ability or static effect (great, it's a four mana answer to AEther Vial. -_-; It gets rid of artifacts that are commonly played, but those artifacts in question usually cost half the mana this enchantment does, making it a terrible answer. It doesn't have very good versatility with enchantments, either, and the lands it stops it couldn't help with but in the most ridiculous of situations ("Faith's Fetters on Wasteland. Oh, you sacrificed it? Fine. I GAIN FOUR, MAN!!"). In almost every scenario I can think of for this deck, barring having 3 Ageless Entities on field tapped and attacking while somehow you manage to flash Faith's Fetters into play, Oblivion Ring can outperform the Fetters in superb fashion.

    Captured Sunlight is cool and all as a, "Gain 4 life and play at random a Kitchen Finks, Riftwatcher, removal or Land Tax" card, but Land Tax kind of whiffs on this (if you have four mana, the time for Land Tax is done, especially since it'd need the opponent to have 5 lands out at that point) and sometimes you won't want to play removal when you cascade into it depending upon what you're playing against. It seems like a good idea on paper, but unless you're cascading into a Blightning or Hypergenesis it really doesn't seem worth it.

    More Wall of Reverence and Baneslayer Angel would make good use of Captured Sunlight's slot. Wall of Reverence + Ageless Entity is pretty much the best combo this deck has, lol. I'd drop the 2 Land Tax for Rancor (for Finks, Hierarch and Entity, not to mention making your fliers hit harder). Your mana curve tops at 5; this isn't a Land Tax deck, unfortunately. Lastly, I'd really consider Oblivion Rings for Faith's Fetters' slot, if not something else entirely (Ghostly Prison, perhaps, to allow you to get ahead of the race against much faster decks?).

    Overall, though, looks good. I can understand the intended Goldmane purpose, but I think you'll probably use the -1 more than you would the +2 or ultimate (permanent +1 and vigilance is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, and the ultimate seems like it'd only be helpful if you're already winning the game), though that token with Rancor on it would be mighty ****ing awesome.
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    Quote from ExImperialDragon
    I'll never understand why everyone loves Faith's Fetters.

    Faith's Fetters is better against planeswalkers and Umezawa's Jitte. Wink
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    Hero's Reunion and Eldamari's Call would be worth looking into.
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