Blue/White Control for Multiplayer

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    I want to build a new White/Blue control deck. I know I want to be able to run
    Wrath of God and Cryptic Command together, so the manabase needs to be really intense.

    What do you think some good win conditions are? I was thinking Sacred Mesa?

    I will be facing a variety of decks, and need to be able to handle myself in the mulitplayer setting.

    What ideas do you have for this type of deck? things that work?
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    If your going to play that in multiplayer consider running palliation accord. My brother uses it in his U/W deck and it keeps him alive far too long especially when someone runs tokens. Plus its amazing with cryptic.

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    propaganda _and_ ghostly prison.

    Both cards make you look unattractive to attack, and being enchantments, unlikely to be removed. There's a very good chance that if you play a single propaganda, you will be ignored as a target in the early game, which is fine. Pack hard counters, like counterspell, which you should only bother with things that will kill you (or the propagandas).

    sacred mesa is fine.

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