Black Aggro-Control

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    // Lands
    24 [M13] Swamp (1)

    // Creatures
    4 [RTR] Desecration Demon
    4 [GTC] Crypt Ghast
    4 [RTR] Thrill-Kill Assassin
    4 [DGM] Pontiff of Blight
    4 [RTR] Grim Roustabout
    4 [GTC] Thrull Parasite
    4 [GTC] Gateway Shade (Perilous Shadow is an alternative

    // Spells
    4 [GTC] Devour Flesh
    4 [RTR] Underworld Connections

    This is a "fun" deck I put together for testing and would like some feedback on as well as possible improvements.

    I haven't done any serious testing with it only played a handful of games but at the very least it's quite fun. I can tell you that even if you get 1 or even 2 Crypt Ghast out on the field you will still wish you had even more mana anyways :p

    One big problem about the deck is it is seriously vulnerable to Supreme Verdict since you kind of need to play creature after creature in order for the deck to work. Any thoughts on how to make it less owned by Verdict is appreciated! Smile
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    "aggro control" is not a thing, just sayin' :).

    There is nothing in mono black which can give you resilience to verdict. Outside of underworld connections, I can't think of anything useful you can do to develop your board that isn't a creature, and none of your good creatures have regeneration. If you splashed green for golgari charm you could have an answer, but mono black itself is pretty thin on answers (to all sorts of things).
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