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    Hey guys, I hope this isn't a repost or a double, but I can never find anyone to play against me on Cockatrice in block format, and I am definitely interested. Maybe we should get something started on here?

    What's you guyses tags? Mine is Dymdez
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    I'm not really playing nowadays but that would be a good idea

    Didn't check cocka forums but you should make topic there too if not done already
    Btw I'm curious, are ppl playing block IRL ? Or is it pretty rare and mostly only online ?
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    I think the primary reason people play Block is because it is cheap on MTGO. Therefore, it seems unlikely you will get many Cockatrice Block players. If you are going to have free cards, many would opt for standard.

    There is a subset that plays Block because you get a bit more chance to brew though (though often it is brewing in vain because the format is solved - you just don't think it is) so maybe you can find some of them. Good luck.
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    I'm interested. I want to play test decks before I go to GP in LA and I really don't want to buy cards x2. Never played block. Right now I have no clue what deck to build, its a toss up between U/R control or G/R aggro. Kind of waiting on the full AVR spoilers to finish. Plus, I want to do something that I can easily transfer to standard.

    Username is : S.N.O.T.
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    Quote from Kusi
    Btw I'm curious, are ppl playing block IRL ? Or is it pretty rare and mostly only online ?

    We play block at my local shop.
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    Anyone on right now? My name is coyotemoon722 on there.
    :uhh:Too lazy to make a new sig
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    I just got cockatrice, so I'm really new to the UI.

    Someone on there was nice enough to walk me through some of the stuff. Shortcuts are definitely the way to go.
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    My name is Vorteck. Message me if you want to play.
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