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"The Moderator Lounge" (April Fools 2008)

The April Fools 2008 joke.
It was a trap!
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Casual/Budget Commander Decklists

Decks intended for purely casual play and not specifically optimised for either 1v1 or multiplayer, and/or built on a fairly strict budget, should be posted here.
No Posting In This Sectio...
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Forum Games, but not for the feint of heart.
MEAN GAMES Guidelines
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Auction House

Auction off cards in here! You must be logged in to be able to view posts in this forum. - MTG Salvation is not accountable for transactions in this forum. Sub forums: Completed Auctions
Auction House Rules - Rev...
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MTGNews Discussion

Discuss the recent events at MTGnews Here.
Subterranean Spirit no lo...
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The Features

Rules for Artist Q&A
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Retired World Projects

All retired Colosseum World Projects are collected here. Sub forums: World Project: Halcyon - Above & Beyond, World Project: Forum Domination, World Project: Eternity Falls, Conquest Of Mages, World Project: Lotisburg, Straight Outta Crooklyn, After the Dark, World Project: Shinigami, The Sanctuary, Invasion, Afterworld, The Libra Codes, Under the Petals, Gutter World, Epic World, Pandora World, Project Laputa, World of Pokémon, Dreamlords, Community Project, Disegreth, Anomalies, Mosiac Earth, World Project: ConQuest I, Indigo Throne, World of Pokemon v.2, Legends, World Project: Legendary Tales, World Project: Hall of Mirrors, Between Heaven and Hell, World Project: Battletech - Path of Destruction, World Project : Final Fantasy Hidden Dreams, World Project: Apocalypse Legends, World Project: SDAA, World Project: Shizumi, Magic: The RPG, Atruna, Epic World, The Tools Called Ninja, Beyond the White Light, Blood Red Moon, The Land Death Made, Pacifica, Realms of Rome, Colosseum Town and Space Projects, World Project: Egg, Community Cafe, Imaginarium
A Proclamation of Rebirth
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Extended (Type 1.X) (3 Viewing)

Extended strategies and decks go here. Sub forums: Extended Archives, Decks for Critique
Ding Dong, Extended Is De...
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Forum Nomic

Create a society with its own rules! Sub forums: Forum Nomic #2, Forum Nomic #3, Forum Nomic #1
Forum Nomic #3 General Di...
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Team MTG Salvation

Sub forums: Standard Discussion, Extended Discussion, Legacy Discussion, Vintage Discussion, Block Discussion, Team MTGS Archives
Naya zoo
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Blog Forum

Tell us what is happening in your life with your own personal Salvation Blog. Sub forums: Forum Games
Blog: 100% pure Faust
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rianalnn' smiley hack repository 19 6,778
Market Street Rules & Regulations 0 662
MTGSalvation Official Forum Rules
by Yukora
0 25,522
Market Street Rules & Regulations
by Annorax
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Deathrite Shaman for $15? 2 382
Liliana of the Veil for $45? 0 102
Ben Bleiweiss of Starcitygames is Buying Out All of the Trostani, Selesnya's Voice! 1 571
BBCode testing 0 549
How many aussies would buy booster boxes for $111 AUD?
by Spirax
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nothing for sale at this time 17 1,771
Xandroz's Sales Thread
by xandroz
0 589
W: M13 Deckbuilder's Toolkit (EMPTY BOX ONLY) 0 709
WTS: Wasteland, Thoughtseize, Vamp Tutor and more 5 1,067
Point based trading - H: EDH, Legacy, Modern, T2. W: A bit of everything!
by IshanFC
2 864
xgunslingerx's Mostly Modern Sales Thread 0 537
Larabic's Sales Thread - Force of Will / Cavern of Souls
by Larabic
1 509
Extended Art basic Lands & Small Cheap Collection 2 812
Selling - some random stuff, some lands, some foils 1 536
Selling: 2 RTR Full sets, Pollack print, and many cards!
by youtub
0 594
Buying T2
by lep
1 571
sales list jace aot, angels and more. 4 671
Selling The Abyss, Nether Void, original shocklands, modern 2 641
WTB: A few Legacy/Modern FOILS 2 548
Selling what's left :) 0 563
WTB: Modern Staples: Goyf, Hierarch, etc. 13 1,061