New Character Registration (Always Accepting Players)

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    Quote from Arcel
    Random thought for the future: Will we be able to eventually have familiars that would stay with us till they or us die?

    Already in the works.

    Also, let's just say this: Nobody has tried to design a spell that makes a token yet. I'm not promising you it'll work the way you want it to work, but I'm not going to stop people from doing it.
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    Quote from Socrates
    Already in the works.

    Also, let's just say this: Nobody has tried to design a spell that makes a token yet. I'm not promising you it'll work the way you want it to work, but I'm not going to stop people from doing it.

    I tried it now, just to see what happens Grin
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    This is what happens when 57 people decide to draft Modern Masters all at once in a single pod.

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    I'm going to cap this game, for a while at least, at 15.
    Right now 14 of you have signed up and 11 are in the game, soon-to-be-12.
    I will add number 13 and 14 in the next day or two.

    The point is, there is one slot left for the next long while, if anyone else is planning to sign up for this thing. (That means, if you see this and you are a current player who is enjoying the game and you want to recommend it to a friend on these forums, now would be the time.)
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    Last call for a Warrior? Guess I'm in.

    Name: Kyra Ferrolus
    Class: Warrior
    Color: White
    Starting Mana Reserves: 1W

    A scarred ex-soldier whose eyes perpetually wander to the horizon. Taciturn and gruff, she talks little of her past, but is eager to help when needed.

    OOC: Do we get to start the game with any "stuff"? Weapons, trinkets, basic provisions, etc.

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    That makes 15. However, there is at least one player who has yet to participate, so if that continues, I will (at least temporarily) remove his character and accept another one from here, if there are any here to accept.
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    If that space becomes available:
    Wren Letisse R
    Starting mana: 1R

    Wren grew up in the gutters of a city far to the east, and her days have mostly been filled with gang fighting. On a raid one day however, she failed to cover a gang-member sufficiently as he entered an enemy patch, and he was killed. Fearing retribution, and worried that her volatile personality might cause even more problems, she fled towards Atruna. Maybe, she thought, she could learn the arcane abilities that would allow her to mend things back home. But it will take a lot for her to overcome the feeling of betrayal...

    Wren has a slim build, is about 5'8", and has medium-short brown hair with a spiked fringe. She generally travels light and is currently wearing a simple shirt and trousers of linen and cloth. She is 19.

    I would have made a rogue, but I wanted a red character :p
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    Oh my God, you took him seriously.

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    ME and CC should be ashamed. They actually managed to make the spam less interesting than usual.
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    Quote from Thelas

    I was like what is he talking to me and MirrorEntity at the same time...

    I'll jump in the queue as:

    Astra Ruinfaun
    Elf Shaman (G)
    Mana: 1GG

    Astra is a slim male elf, with well-kept reddish gold hair and acorn-colored skin. A slightly darker, roughly triangular birthmark points downward on his cheek from his right eye, which seems to burn a slightly brighter green than the left. His green and gold robes are surprisingly fine for a dweller of the forests, and he wears a large pendant wrought of delicate golden threads, woven in the shape of a cluster of stars. His manner is inquisitive and forthright, but he is soft-spoken.
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    If you're still accepting characters:

    Adam Xyle
    Human Shaman (:symg:)
    Inate Abilities: "Your mana reserves replenish more quickly"
    Starting Mana Reserves: :1mana::symg::symg:

    Adam is a well traveled man of a lean build. His skin is tanned from days spent under the sun and his eyes are of a deep green color. His hair is a wind blown mess of straight brown 'twigs'. His clothes are simple brown and green cloths wrapped about him to form loose pants and a robe that falls no further than his knees. His possessions are sparse and easily carried in the small bag resting on his back from his shoulders.
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    Hey Socrates, if I design a spell with multikicker that brings the total cost of the spell above 2, would you allow that? (The initial cost is G)
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    Vaag Silthir
    Salamanderfolk* Wizard
    Mana: 2U

    *Think Amphin Cutthroat. Is this allowed?

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    This seems pretty interesting. Smile And it still seems active.

    Name: The Hero
    Type: Vedalken Wizard
    Color: Blue
    Mana: 2U
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    [23:18] <CC> You're somehow gayer than I am.
    Check out the thread for my cube if you have the time, and tell me how terrible it is.

    Generals meant to be drafted first in a single pack of 6 cards.

    And here is the actual cube, meant to be drafted in 4 regular sized packs. (60 card decks)
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    If there's room I'd love to join.

    1. Yon-Jo 'The Blade'
    2. Rogue
    3. BU (If 2 colors not possible, then BB)
    4. Kor

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    Name: Nanjiro, Wandering Samurai
    Class/Race: Human Knight
    Color: White (tertiary Red)
    Starting Mana: WW

    Nanjiro is a wandering knight who brings justice wherever he goes. He seeks to atone for the crimes he committed under his former liege.
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