How to boost neighbors wifi signal?

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    My neighbor is letting me use his wifi connection to get on internet on my laptop but the signal is very low and comes and goes. We're tryingto get my ps3 to pick it up but it doesn't find it. Is there some sort of adaptor or something i can attach to my laptop/ps3 to boost signal strength? If it helps it's about 1000 feet give or take from my door to hi
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    A wi-fi repeater is specifically designed for what you want, essentially just boosting the signal (widely available, I think all Targets carry them now) and the only step is plugging it into the wall. You can also set most routers to "repeater mode" or sync the ISP addresses if you've got an old one of those lying around. Or, if you have a wifi dongle (a USB wifi network adapter) you can always try punching a hole in the bottom of a coffee can, threading the dongle into the base of it, and pointing the cannon at their house, sometimes that works. Yes, I'm serious, I once got a 3-mile connectivity cone off a can of Folger's French Roast.
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