Avatar Comic's trailer and most of con setup stolen!

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    Figured there might be some cross-over appeal, especially since so many large Magic tournaments have been having issues with thefts as well. It's horrible how much these various communities are taking it on the chin lately... as bad as the economy his, having a player, trader or company lose a massive amount of stock to a theft just makes the communities hurt even more!
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    This isn't anything recent. Conventions and large gatherings have always attracted thieves.

    The entire trailer going missing is... bizarre, but honestly, people are always caught shoplifting at conventions, trying to steal stuff from booths, etc.
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    I was wondering when such things would start happenign.

    It happens in other areas too.
    mugging the owner or the actual convention or market booth is dangerous,
    but if its a 2-3 day event, often the trailers, especially the small ones, are not really secure.
    Yes, they are secured against a breaking in, but not against taking the trailer from Car A and attaching it to car B.

    It´s sad, but wait till some clever guys start targeting magic tournaments.
    Just wait at convention X till shop Z comes with their car, and while the guy goes in to say "hi im here and will now bring my stuff", break in and take everything.
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    Yeah I agree. It's not enough to just have door security. Obviously the appeal of taking other peoples' expensive collectibles is too great for some.
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