Need trivia questions for 6- to 12-year-olds

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    I'm helping run a camp for kids ranging in age from six to twelve, and one activity I wanted to do is a trivia contest. The problem is that I have pretty much no knowledge of that trivia. And so I come begging help. If you fall in that bracket, or have children or sibs that do, please give me some material! : pleading :
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    How many sides does a pentagon have?

    And this should help:

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    Depending on how academic you want to be, Pirates of the Caribbean questions could go over well. If not, just sutff about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln (don't mention that he might have been gay), or Christopher Columbus (don't mention that he might have been Jewish).

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    Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Fruit
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    Those work. I'd totally forgotten about Pirates. Thanks!

    Some of these kids are into Naruto, DBZ and the like; anyone have anything from that?
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    who is the person that Sasuke wants to kill the most? Itachi Uchiha

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    My mom made a game for my cousins where she'd say a movie quote, and the kids would have to guess what movie and, for bonus points, which character said it. She printed out cards for it and everything.
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