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Maybe you love actions flicks. Maybe you dig comedies. Maybe you just want to talk about what you think is the best damn movie ever. Do it all here. Hide Moderators
Captain America: The Wint...
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LoL vs Dota
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If you're going to complain about crappy emo music, make fun of Lady Gaga, praise some indie band no one will ever hear of or - Kanye: Sorry, mods, and imma let you finish but this is the best forum of all time! Hide Moderators
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This is the spot for all your wild theories about Lost, all the complaints about Heroes and all the appreciation for anything and everything on the boobtube. Hide Moderators
Agents of Shield
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World Cup
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What Book Are you reading...
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Will There Ever Be a Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter Crossover? 2 33
MTG appears in an anime
by Scarth
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The End of Nostalgia Critic and Possibly AVGN... 17 2,971
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Boston Comic-Con 2014 1 71
Why Are the New Game Systems Not Backwards-Compatible? 22 1,249
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looking for positive comedians
by el_pato
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IYO, what is the greatest story/plot ever told, out of any medium? 34 3,518
The Internet reviewer world was dealt a blow today
by Voila!
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Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen New Brad McQuaid Game 1 224
TCG Play styles
by Fierdan
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The Game Boy Guru
by Fernin
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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 7 2,176
Terrible Sequels - Do they ruin the experience for you?
by Voila!
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Need a co-op game 5 506
Looking for a YouTube sprited video 0 229
Pokemon X & Y - are they worth it? 7 839
Help me remember this t.v show 2 464
Inquest, Scrye and Duelist 1 615
Has Anime Gone Mainstream yet? 30 5,540
Steampunk 34 5,532
Any recommendations on a Commander EDH podcast? 1 726
MTG Color of World of Warcraft classes 2 941
Who is your favorite magician? 6 908
The debate is over - This video is why Online beats Paper 29 6,172
Katawa Shoujo Thread 6 1,249
Post your STEAM game id's!
by express
1 1,288
Why don't anthologies sell?
by Voila!
1 752
Who likes Pizza Lunchables!? 19 2,676
Sonic Adventure 3? Should it exist and how? 0 706
(Xbox 360) Magic 2013 - Free with Gold
by bartboy
0 669
A video game controller question! 11 1,198
Science and Movies/TV shows 3 742
Cool newish animes?
by Stalker
11 1,252
Dragon Ball Z Abridged 70 13,718
Planeswalkers from popular media (non-MtG) 8 1,440
Real life as a game. 17 1,760
Wynona Ryder Goth Queen? 3 993