League of Legends Season III

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    PREFACE: There and Back Again!

    _____This is the third League of Legends page, dedicated to season three in all of its glory. Still, every patch begets change and every change means that old ways of thought disappear. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but with a season two thread that weighs in at over 469 pages and 7000 posts it is time for a new thread.

    _____This thread is dedicated to all things League of Legends: Summoner’s Rift, Champions, champion builds, epic stories of love and loss, and competitive tournaments – to name a few. The only thing you’re NOT allowed to do is start a comparison war between other Mobas, it’s bad karma. If you play league of legends, please take the time to stop by. We’d be more than happy to play with you, just scroll to the bottom and look at a few names in the summoner Elo list. Welcome to the league.

    PART ONE: What is League of Legends?

    _____League of Legends (abbreviated LoL) is a MOBA game, or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Players are formed into 2 even teams of Champions in either a 3v3 or 5v5 format. There are currently two game types in League of Legends, Classic and Dominion. In both games, the goal is to be the first team to destroy their opponent's Nexus.

    _____Classic - To destroy a Nexus in Classic games, each team must work through a series of towers called "Turrets". Turrets are often placed along a path to each base referred to as a "Lane". Along the way, each player gains levels and increases the power of their champion by killing the opposing team's champions and "minions" (small NPCs that constantly spawn and attack the other team) and defeating neutral monsters. Last hitting enemies (by being the literal last hit that kills the target) grants champions gold and allows them to purchase items with in-match gold to improve their champions abilities. These item upgrades can range from simple increases in attack damage, health, and armor to more advanced effects such as cooldown reduction, increased movement speed, temporarily shutting down towers, and even shielding the champion from a hostile spell.

    _____Dominion - To destroy a Nexus in Dominion games, each team must strive to capture and hold as many of the five capture points along a circular map. Points are captured by actively channeling a 'capture point' ability that all champions have or by minions that attack a tower. The team with the majority of controlled points will begin to drain hit points from their opponents' Nexus. Additionally, killing champions will also remove a flat amount of hit points from that champion's Nexus - however at a certain point champion kills cease to remove hit points, meaning that a team must control more points in order to win. Gold and experience are gained at significantly faster rates than in classic to expedite gameplay and emphasis a more combat oriented gameplay. Certain items and Summoner spells are disabled in Dominion.

    PART TWO: Summoners and Champions

    _____A champion is a preselected avatar that the player (known as a summoner) uses to play League of Legends. Each champion has four active abilities and a passive ability. Active abilities must be leveled up, while a passive ability is always present. Additionally, most champions have an "ultimate ability" which can be skilled into at level 6. These ultimate abilities have a substantial effect on the battlefield and can easily make a winning team begin to lose, or cement their position as a leading team. Champions start at level 1 at the beginning of each game and gain experience until they are level 18. Each non-ultimate ability (with a few special exceptions) can be leveled up a maximum of 5 times, while the ultimate ability can be leveled up 3 times.

    _____League of Legends has over 100 champions, with their 100th champion being Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow. Champions must either be purchased in game (for either real world money or in game influence points) or unlocked for the week in order to be used. Each week 10 different champions are 'rotated' onto a roster and become available to all players. Each champion is unique in that they all have different abilities, playstyles, art, and stats. Some champions use a mana system, while others do not and, even stranger, some use their own health as an alternative resource to use their abilities. Because of this, any list of champion archetypes would simply be too long to list, as the playable possibilities are very widespread. Jayce, for example, can be played as either a ranged AD carry or an AD bruiser as he lacks a true ultimate. Instead he is able to switch between ranged and melee at will, each providing three unique skills that opens up a wide variety of game play.

    PART THREE: The Maps

    _____There are currently four maps in league of legends, each with a distinctly different game play complete with unique items only available on certain maps: Summoner’s Rift, The Twisted Treeline, The Crystal Shard, and The Proving Grounds:
    • Summoner’s Rift is the oldest and most commonly played map in League of Legends. Two teams of five compete against each other in a classic game mode. It is the largest map in League of Legends, featuring three lanes that minions follow, a massive jungle full of neutral monsters, the dangerous dragon, and the legendary Baron Nashor. All tournament games are played on this map, as it usually features a medium length game with plenty of opportunity for all aspects of the game.
    • Twisted Treeline is a smaller map used for classic gameplay. Two teams of three compete against each other in a tightly packed arena. The map features Vilemaw – the angry spider, two lanes that minions follow, two altars that provide team buffs when captured, and a very compressed jungle. The map favors a quick and deadly game, expect combat at all levels of game play as the teams are placed in a map that is too close for comfort.
    • Crystal Scar is the only dominion game map. Two teams of five fight to capture and hold five altars laid out in a circular formation. Holding more points than the other team or killing them lowers the score of their nexus and the first team whose nexus reaches zero loses. Player versus player combat is the main focus of this game, and both gold and experience constantly trickle into players at a heightened rate.
    • Proving Grounds is a unique map, only available in custom games. Players traditionally host ARAM (all random, all mid) games on this map. ARAM games are the most popular custom game available as they give players a chance to play champions that they might never normally play and create a situation where team fights are enforced. The games are traditionally less stressful and more casual.

    PART FOUR: The Players

    _____We have a chat room! The name of the chat room is "MTGS" without the parenthesis. This chat room is for general use, matchmaking, and anything related to either Magic the Gathering, MTGSalvation, or League of Legends. It's an unmoderated chat room, but please don't spam it or fill it with crap. This is a social experiment for us. For information about joining, please follow the instructions in the spoilers below:

    • Instruction steps:
      1. Open the League of Legends client and log in.
      2. On the bottom right of the client, click the window with two chat boxes.
      3. Click the 'create or join a chat room' button and type in "MTGS". This is not case sensitive.
    • To automatically join on sign up:
      1. Inside the chatroom, click the gear button in the top right corner next to the minimize and exit buttons.
      2. Find the 'autojoin on startup' button and select it.
    In the spoiler below is a picture guide to help you sign up if you having trouble locating the buttons

    _____Here's how the player list works; there's a list below in the spoiler. Take a few names and add them to your friends list. People on the list aren't actively looking for new players whenever they're added onto the list, so you're going to have to add a few yourself. It's nothing personal, we just don't have time to go through every single invite - I myself have a nearly maxed out friends list so I can't add everyone if I wanted to. If if you want me to add you to the list, please make sure to leave your summoner name; I won't always read every post in this thread so I may miss your comment. If that happens, just send me a PM asking to be put on the list

    Again, remember to add a few names if you want to play with them.
    Updated Servers list; Accurate as of 12/17/2012

    Color Key:
    • Red - Anonymous
    • Green - Send a PM before invitation
    • Blue - Open invitations
    • Purple - Smurf Account

    North American servers:
    • 42Osiris = Osirris
    • 7hawk77 = 7hawk77
    • Alimou = Alimou
    • Amadi = Amadi
    • Areostatico = Level 1 Magikarp; Cascada Lover
    • asheroth = asheroth
    • Aurelia = Ray Ryze
    • BbearZ = BerryBear
    • Beanbowa = Beanbowa
    • CaptainSquib = JustinWC
    • Cyouni = Cyouni
    • Darkzephyr = Zephyrpower
    • Dechs Kaison = Dechs Kaison
    • DivineChaos = AudioTsunami
    • Doodle123 = The Doodle
    • Doom Lich = Doom Lich
    • Ellye = Ellye
    • Elvish Crack Piper = TrueECP
    • Extremist Moderate = Okrik
    • fearmeordie = ChainsawTitanium
    • Feathas = Numquam
    • Fenris = FenrisRIP25
    • Frogmaniac = Frogmaniac
    • Gambler-of-Fate = Drayenn
    • Gougou - Tigerpaws
    • G L J = Divine Faithborn; I GLJ I
    • Guardman = Reifke Vlasir
    • Jobie = Yabbs
    • jskura = polskijosh
    • jump4h = JohnPetrucci
    • KarmicNoose = KarmicNoose
    • KoolKoal = Doctor Xerox
    • Korsakovia = Korsakovia
    • Kurthnaga = Kurthnaga
    • monkeysammich = Monkey Sammich
    • mystery45 = maxicus
    • Nai = Nai
    • nfd = nfd
    • NightArcher = NightArcher06; GimmickAccount
    • Nightmaster = Manfee; HTemplar
    • Ninja Caterpie = Ninja Caterpie
    • NOISIΛ = Solbrave
    • pet snake = OperatorTom
    • physcosickmondo = Chase Meta
    • Pseudofate = GeneralGenerous
    • Raver = archbound4
    • Ravnos = divineravnos
    • Quirkiness101 = spiritoffate
    • SacredMesa = SacredMesa
    • silex = Basoosh
    • Slivurn = NegativeZZ
    • SirFink = SirFink
    • Sun_shine_dan = sunshinedan
    • Talore = Talore
    • Tenzo = Katahide
    • The Cold Monarch = The Cold Monarch
    • The Derk= Derkoffski
    • The_Muffin_Man = jkats14 ; ThaMuff1nM4n
    • TheGrandArchitect = Qu3tz1C0at1
    • Treebeard = Spincow
    • Truesight = SorrowSower
    • Ulfsaar = Mollywog
    • Umezete = Umezete
    • viperesque = viperesque
    • xbinox = And Then Wombats
    • Yakusoku = helicoid
    • Yarg = PirateNinjaRobot
    • Zebi = Flatulence
    • zerp = Z3rp
    • Zephynoir = Zephynoir
    • zeustehgreat = Zeustehgreat; Tehish
    • Winterlude = torchl1ng

    European West Servers:
    • Elvoz = Elvoz
    • JeroenC = Seventh Masher
    • Vistella = huckasex
    European East Servers:

    Asian / Pacific Island Servers:
    • Sepiriel = Rashevix

    General information/forums
    Official NA Homepage
    League of Legends Wiki
    LoL Reddit page
    Champion Guides & Articles
    Livestream websites
    Original Threads
    Season I
    Season II

    • SummonersRift
    • step one
    • step two
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    Hey, can I get in on the list of MTGS players? Same username in game as my forum handle. Open to invites.
    If you wish to get a hold of me:
    dechs.kaison [at] gmail [dot] com

    I moved my Primer. MTGS has Died to Removal.

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    I found out yesterday that TF bot on dominion is really fun. And strong.

    Helping me get practice at TF, so maybe I'll actually become decent at him on SR. The playstyle is different enough on dominion that I'm fine at him there.
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    My Summoner name changed a while back. I thought I mentioned it back in the other thread. Apparently not. Its- Spincow

    I'm definitely looking forward to some of the newer changes for tournament play.

    Anyone have any favorite skins in particular? What about the skin do you like?
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    Quote from TreeBeard
    Anyone have any favorite skins in particular? What about the skin do you like?

    Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath - Yeah, it was pricey, but totally worth it. It's not just a skin, though, because the animations on his attacks and the voice changes, and I prefer the things he says as a giant robot. Cho is one of my favorite champions so I get a lot of use out of it, and being a giant scary robot is cool.
    If you wish to get a hold of me:
    dechs.kaison [at] gmail [dot] com

    I moved my Primer. MTGS has Died to Removal.

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    Quote from TreeBeard

    Anyone have any favorite skins in particular? What about the skin do you like?

    I usually get my skin based off the quality of the splash art to be honest. I know it's a small part of the game, but I really like the art direction of some of them.

    I'm going to go with these as my favorite three:
    1. Silent Night Sona
    2. Yellow Jacket Shen
    3. Sinful Succulence
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    My favorite skin would be

    Cottontail Teemo.

    Hes better than the legendary and all the other skins. Bounce Bounce Bounce with those bunny ears and eggs basket.

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    Quote from TreeBeard

    Anyone have any favorite skins in particular? What about the skin do you like?

    Iron Solari Leona or Valkyrie Leona.

    Both fit the theme of leona fairly well of a guardian tank

    edit: just realized I never added my name to the MTGS list

    I'm archbound4 so if anyone wants to duo q or just play a casual game, i'm usually free
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    Space Teemo fires a laser gun. Pew! Pew! Pew!

    Arcade Sona has the best animations. Her ult flashes the Konami code and when she dies, she flashes Game Over.


    Also, I've been slowly getting my rating closer to 1200 again, mostly from Sona - 87% win rate with Sona in S3.


    GLJ, I mentioned this awhile back, but I got a name change. I'm "helicoid" now.
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    The following name changes have been noted and added.

    Quote from Dechs Kaison

    Quote from TreeBeard

    Quote from yakusoku

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    You can add me to the list, I am the same as this username.

    Favorite skin? I'm Fond of gentleman Cho despite not owning it because of the stuff he says. I think the favorite I own is bewitching nid for he black cat form or haunting noc for the ghost animation in his q. I also like traditional Lee sin quite a bit as it fits him better than his normal skin imo.
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    Please add me to the list:
    My ign is Spiritoffate
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    Quote from Quirkiness101
    Please add me to the list:
    My ign is Spiritoffate

    You're already on it Tongue


    OH! The splash arts for the primer are also up to change if you want to. The splash art in place where Shen is needs to be a recognizable champion that highlights the game and the splash art in place of where Sona is needs to be an intelligent character (like professor ryze)
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    Quote from G L J
    OH! The splash arts for the primer are also up to change if you want to. The splash art in place where Shen is needs to be a recognizable champion that highlights the game and the splash art in place of where Sona is needs to be an intelligent character (like professor ryze)

    Not enough Draven. Wink

    But in all seriousness the pics do add a nice touch.
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    Please add me onto the list. My user name is divineravnos.

    My favorite skin is probably Urfrider Corki, because the bark and spatula on crits is awesome.
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    As far as favorite skins I would have to go with...

    1--Midnight Ahri(Foxfire can die in a fir....you get the point >.<)
    2--Ironscale Shyvana(which is wierd because I normally prefer blue over red but her red hair in that skin is just hot:embarrass:)
    3--Blade Queen Morgana(reminds me so much of Sarah Kerrigan and as disappointed I was with SC2 she is still my fav fantasy character.)

    ...just noticed something all my fav skins are females, of the rather independant nature and 2 of them are of the in your face strong variety... O.o
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    Favorite skin is Regifted Amumu, because it was my first skin.

    I just want to give him a hug.
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    Quote from SacredMesa
    2--Ironscale Shyvana(which is wierd because I normally prefer blue over red but her red hair in that skin is just hot:embarrass:)

    ^This. Her face and hair is just so beautiful in that splash art. I'm also a total sucker for dark red/pink hair.

    My other favorite skins are Greybeard Veigar, Silent Night Sona(Which, sadly I don't have. I'll make do with Arcade Sona for now), Darkforge Jarvan(In game model is kinda meh, but the splash is fantastic), and Aviator Irelia(Which apparently alot of people dislike, but I think that skin is really cute).

    Nunu Bot also gives me a chuckle everytime I see that skin.
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    I like almost all of the frost oriented skins, because I like skins with a full aesthetic but that are 975/go on sale.
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    Glacial Malphite @_@ So glad it was on special just then. ALL the particle effects!

    Also add me onto the player list; summoner name same as MTGS name.
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    Add me to the list

    same name as on here

    Favortie skin gentlemen cho'gath or Surprise party FIddle sticks
    A wild haze frog appears your party stumbles around in a daze
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    Name changed to PirateNinjaRobot. Favorite skins are Battlecast Prime Cho'gath, Arcade Sona, and the one I want to get is Enhanced Singed.
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    Favourite skin has to be surprise party fiddle. He throws balloon animals, drains you with streamers, and his ult is a party!
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    My favorite is Spellthief Lux (my favorite champ and I think this is the best skin for this champion, after Riot introduce many other skin and completely changed the way Lux looks, none of the skin looks better than this)

    Other skin I probably like are Rumble in the Jungle, Lord Darius, Blood Lord Vlad.
    Legacy : U/W/R Delver
    Modern: Mono Black Devotion (...I hate this format)
    EDH : Ghaves , Atheros
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