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Why do religious people force their beliefs on others?
by slave
42 707
Which is more metal? (afterlife)Dying and going to hell forever or (no afterlife)dying and your life being over, done? 2 23
To Atheists: Do you see value in faith. 294 15,726
Pope's blood stolen
by Dio
9 485
Can [the Christian] God be good and all-powerful?
by The_AC
96 2,486
Does "atheist" have an affirmative meaning in popular usage? 22 1,405
Why do some religious people think that hearing voices in their head is a good thing?
by Dio
21 931
Help from God and Free Will 308 8,598
In principle and in practice, what are the differences between post-RC denomins?
by 9909
11 608
The Kalam cosmological argument for the existence of God 84 3,797
A question for atheists and theists about the multiple gods. 27 2,274
ACLU sues US Conference of Catholic Bishops [abortion]
by bLatch
131 4,972
So, I think I'm a Universalist and I need somewhere to talk about it. 67 3,412
Why are these atheists afraid of God?
by Dio
104 5,895
Marriage is not defined in the Bible as 1 man w/ 1 woman.
by Essence
148 8,980
"What if you're wrong?"
by DTG
82 5,476
Proposition on a final orthodox agnosticism to just finally end it, jeez 22 1,205
Sunday Assembly
by Bitsy
15 891
How often do pastors use cold reading?
by Dio
5 537
A question about belief 45 2,883
Problem of Hell
by Dio
236 10,472
Is God held to the same moral standards as humans? 113 4,198
"We invented Jesus Christ"
by Dio
24 1,797
Prophetic dreams
by Dio
20 1,142
A problem within islamic theology? 106 6,667
by bakgat
71 4,909
"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's" 10 1,060
Is religion/spirituality all in the mind? 27 2,134
Should Scientology be recognized as a religion anywhere? 73 4,269
Why pray? 66 3,596
Why should you believe/not believe because of what other people have done to others?
by Dio
99 5,067
Is personal experience actually a good reason to believe in something?
by Essence
111 5,612
Which theology is the best? (The Worldview Comparison Thread)
by Taylor
197 9,224
Are "pagan" religions discriminated in the west? 196 9,269
Is The Future Atheist? 149 8,627
Found on Craigslist: Christianity mimicing Maigc: the Gathering 39 3,773
Is ownership rooted in evil? 16 1,425
Is it wrong? 76 4,515
On Pythagorean Emanations 1 706
Is it wrong to proselytize someone on their death bed?
by Dio
11 1,270
Help finding the most scholarly edition of the bible to study from 7 884
Prayer and Confirmation Bias. What's the point of prayer? 30 2,446
Muhammad the Greatest: A Comparative Study 70 4,041
A question to Christians, that I've never been given a reasonable answer. 142 8,107
Pascal's Wager 39 3,426
Good Shinto Books
by pstmdrn
3 762
Question for Christians about death. 24 1,797
Leviticus and Homosexuality - looking for input from those who believe Gay is a Sin
by Killane
48 3,980
Judging a Virtual Life
by el_pato
5 933
Crises of Faith and Reason
by Killane
7 1,034