MTGCast #229 - (This is) Chewbacca in a Pepsi Can

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    MTGCast #229 - (This is) Chewbacca in a Pepsi Can
    "You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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    This Week in Magic
    Wow, it is a star-studded cast with Conley, Gavin, Tom, Jack, Robert and Adam Styborski (his Pauper cube site and his Twitter feed).

    We start of with Ruel's article about bluffing and is it a real concern or not so much in Magic. Then, we jump feet first into the big WPN controversy with tournament support being restricted to stores only and is in effect NOW. Open Series in Nashville was this past weekend with Jessie Butler winning the Legacy portion and Jacob Baugh wins the Standard portion. We get a view of the upcoming Gateway and Gameday prizes. The new GP promo is Maelstrom Pulse.

    What Have We Been Playing?
    Adam has his new Karn EDH deck on his latest Serious Fun article. Robert is working on some Mono blue, Tom is excited to update his Experiment Kraj EDH deck with Proliferate! Gavin is chomping for Extended and Conley talks some SoM Sealed.

    Listener Emails
    It is a shorter list after our abrupt show end last week and I apologize for not mentioning Joep's great new MTG combo site,

    MTGCast News
    Make sure to check out Adam's "Create a contest" contest here!

    Contest: Create the next Duel Decks sponsored by Comic Cosmos in Danville, KY!
    Prizes: 1x FTV: Relics set and 1x Koth of the Hammer
    Open: For the next month
    Where to enter: Must post entry in this thread on the MTGCast forums.

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    Hey guys there is a web site I use alot and now it is being shut down because of some of the new business changes to WoFC it was do you know another web sit that is like this I can use or how to stop the web sit closing.
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    The website is shutting down because the owner decided he didn't want to support a game that didn't support it's players-not because of WoTC.
    I hear MTG Pulse is good. I've yet to use it myself.

    Thanks, Heroes of The Planes! You guys are great!

    Actual Truth:
    "You heard it here folks:

    Anyone who disagrees with "Jack from NC" is an idiot."-The Dead Weatherman
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    Nice episode guys. Great to hear Gavin again!

    On the next one, I'd like to know your op's on the closing of deckcheck. For competitive Legacy players seems like a great loss...not so much for Standard players given that there's more info available.
    Last edited by Lorgalis: 10/21/2010 5:38:41 AM

    Zaphod :jam:@ HighLight Studios

    :symgw::symgw: MUSHO BETI :symgw::symgw:
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    I think it's sad it's shutting down Frown

    If he would open the site again for a couple of days I could crawl the legacy and vintage events for (which i've created) and put them there so they arent lost.
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    The biggest hit from the WPN change is to schools. UCSD has a club that just got a registered T.O., so now our drafts and FNMs become useless...lame stuff. I also know of two highschools in California that run FNMs, so I can imagine for them its even worse.
    Last edited by Skellum76: 10/20/2010 8:26:15 PM
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    Gavin's back in the haus !

    Anywhoos - Great to have Adam come out to play this time.

    Nice to see the Magicology site up - somewhat unfinished right now but could be a nice resource in time.

    The best faux Duel Deck of all time must have been that April Fool's Day 'Pirates vs. Ninjas' a while back. As for an attempt at a new Duel Deck, let's give 'KNIGHTS vs. KOBOLDS' as spin. Yep, we know there's only about 7 kobolds in which to stitch something tribal together but do not let that fact hinder our path to slaughterfest. Perhaps we could reinforce the ranks with some of the dumber goblins.

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