MTGCast #227 - Buck A Ooze

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    MTGCast #227 - Buck A Ooze
    "You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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    This Week in Magic
    Tom, Jack and Robert bring you a more laid back episode with some even more laid back notes since Tom already typed them once and they got themselves lost to the same dimension that claims socks and car keys.

    Dealing with Tilt through Positive Behavior (Interesting article on what to do when things go arwy). Jon Medina article on how to trade and have a trade binder. Standard and Extended rotated as of 10/1. Conley Woods discusses two new rogue decks for the people (with Volcanic Celebration!). Josh Silvestri discusses foils and cheating in magic. TCG Player 10K in the Big Apple results Jack Vargas wins standard with Valakut Ramp (top 16 deck lists). We also learn more about the next Premium Deck Series - Fire and Lightning with the promise on Aaron Forsythe's twitter feed of "more than one Chain Lightning".

    Upcoming Cash Events:
    12/3 - 12/5 Starcity game open invitational and open in Richmond, VA
    October 9 States.
    October 15-17 TCG Player 10K Boston. Saturday Standard, Sunday Sealed.
    October 16-17 Open Series Nashville. Saturday Standard, Sunday Legacy.
    October 30-31 Open Series Charlotte. Saturday Standard, Sunday Legacy.

    What Have We Been Playing?
    Jack is working on mono-blue control in Standard and blue Fish in Legacy. Robert is battling all the new Standard deck ideas and Tom is fiddling with EDH Myr Tribal with Reaper King.

    Listener Emails
    Tons of great emails this week and here is a link the rule 34 for shopping carts.

    MTGCast News
    Contest: Create the next Duel Decks sponsored by Comic Cosmos in Danville, KY!
    Prizes: 1x FTV: Relics set and 1x Koth of the Hammer
    Open: For the next month
    Where to enter: Must post entry in this thread on the MTGCast forums.

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    Was an enjoyable livecast, with telephone interruptions and all. I was really excited about the deckbuild challenge and am going to try my best at the Maro's "Search for a Designer" contest. I sorta used the rarity ratios from the duel decks to make this one. I hope I heard the duel deck challenge correctly.
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    ^^ Spam?

    Nice show. Hope that jack has a good experience playing Legacy. Some people get a bit "scared" or "unsure" before the first tourney, but as long as you have practiced a bit and have a general idea about the field, it should be OK...Legacy is great! Grin

    Zaphod :jam:@ HighLight Studios

    :symgw::symgw: MUSHO BETI :symgw::symgw:
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    Legacy is getting me back into competitive magic.
    It's a steep investment upfront, but it's proving to be the most fun I'veh ad in months.

    Thanks, Heroes of The Planes! You guys are great!

    Actual Truth:
    "You heard it here folks:

    Anyone who disagrees with "Jack from NC" is an idiot."-The Dead Weatherman
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