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    Hi, I'm Agkistro (short for Agkistrodon, which is a genus of pit vipers. I don't actually bite or have venom though)
    I'm relatively new here and to Magic in general (I started playing about when RTR came out).
    However, the people who introduced me to the game are comptetitive Modern and Legacy players, so I picked up on the rules pretty quick, although I am more a casual player than anything else, (Good cards are so expensive >_<)
    I also have a wild sense of humor and have been known to overuse certain emoticons.

    Hope to be an interesting and active member of the community,
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    Agkistrodon would be a good name for a Magic card.
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    Welcome! Here's your complimentary custom card, courtesy of OglorGod enterprises.

    Agkistrodon 3GB
    Creature - Snake Horror [M]
    Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game.
    360 Peasant Cube - Draft it and I'll draft yours
    Quote from Shady Wolf
    My focus is on playing, and not how much my opponents and I earn. As long as the proxy is legible, I have no issue with proxies.
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