Off Topic: Green Solutions to the Color Pie

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    Nah, screw green. Bring back Counterspell and Vapor Snag in M13.

    Green is the most boring color in Magic. If there weren't cheap removal spells, every deck would be "ramp ramp ramp LOLFATTYUDIE". At least the other colors are somewhat interactive.

    I hate playing with or against green and I hope it goes back to being completely unplayable after Prime Time rotates out in M13. I also hate playing against the kind of people who like to play green: whiny babies who cry about removal and counterspells (read page 1 of this thread if you don't believe me), whom Wizards has attempted to please by creating ever-more-powerful creatures.

    Every time I look at Cancel, I die a little inside.

    Flame infraction. Mocking green is fine. Mocking the posters is not. -Woap
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    Quote from RCarlysle
    If you were talking about this back in 2006 I'd agree with you, but as of now there is a huge influx of Shroud and Hexproof in green. As for Value? Primeval Titan, Inkmoth Nexus, and Kessig Wolf Run would like to say 'Sup dog, I heard you liked card advantage.' Thrun has started to hit standard due to his hexyproofy and regenning. You can't overflood the market with them but the ones that do have shroud and hexproof make a difference, Thrun and Dungrove Elder were huge just a few months ago. You claim Green is a 'dead' color but look at what deck took Worlds for 2011.

    I didn't actually want my post to focus on the Shroud/Hexproof part of Green as I don't think it is the right answer to fixing the colour. I really wanted to highlight how I think the circle of life (battlefied -> graveyard -> resource/hand) would really benefit green. Having more creatures that don't simply die to removal (Vengevine, Reassembling Skeleton) would be really great in green. I was trying to hash out a decent keyword ability for green last night after posting that.

    Fertilize: Exile two cards from your graveyard, return [card name] from your graveyard to your hand.

    Or even, [card name] from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

    Though entering the battlefield tapped is quickly becoming a zombie ability.
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