MTGCast #107 - These ain't your momma's Enemy Hybrids!

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    This thread is for the discussion of my latest article, MTGCast #107 - These ain't your momma's Enemy Hybrids!. We would be grateful if you would let us know what you think, but please keep your comments on topic. - Home of Monday Night Magic
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    first post FTW!!!! Jam

    great show this week guys! i hope i can go to worlds this year too(i missed out the last time around)

    favorite color combo? cant i have them all? haha

    its gotta be W/B. mainly because it can control the game, and aggro out when it has to. add blue and youve got solar flare!!!!

    off topic, but i have had cards stolen from me too. i lost a Time Walk, and Ancestral Recall at a tourney. i wasnt happy at all.

    really good show, good to see the mancast again(keep those beards coming!)
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    Excellent show guys. My favorite color combo is probably black/green. Together they can take care of almost any problem permanents and I love using the graveyard as a resource. My second favorite would have to be blue/green. You get the drawing/trickiness of blue and the great creatures of green.

    And now for something completely different.

    We know that Gavin is 17 years old (or there abouts). I was curious as to Tom and Derek's ages. My guesses would be mid twenties and early twenties, respectively. Also, the voicemails are really great.

    Keep up the great work guys.
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    fantastic show
    had some nice funny moments
    loved the part with the Vegas and pro-players = awesome

    fave color combo would be either R/G or R/U

    green lets you just smash face and laugh as you opponent cries themselves home

    and the blue lets you get some control going and can have some badass effects
    Niv-Mizzet, the firemind FTW

    as for their ages, isnt tom like in the late 20's, pretty sure hes the oldest, no?
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    Umm... Not to complain or anything but I haven't heard from anybody through email or PMs on the site about store credit and I just don't want to lose it because I haven't redeemed it.
    As always Great Show!
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    Great show as always. I was never really into podcasts (or whatever the cool kids are calling them these days), but the MTGcast is a whole different ball game.

    Anyway, my favorite color combination has to be UG. Me and my friend started playing magic at around the same time (him a week after me (insert evil laugh)), playing drafts and what have you. I made a RG list very similar to the Heezy street (which is odd, because I didn't know anything about the pro tour or highly competitive level magic at the time), and having my week more of experience then my friend, I helped him make a UG graft deck. There were some pretty bad choices in the deck, like Jugan and Novejian sages (or what ever you call it), but it was a blast to play and our casual games always ended on a good note.

    As we got better at the game and learned more about card advantage and tempo and all that, the bad cards slowly started coming out to be replaced by plaxcaster frogling and giant solifuge, with remand and mana leak coming in as well to give a little bit more control for the deck. As well, 8 1-drop mana producers snuck in to speed up the clock a bit. The first tournament we went to the deck didn't lose a match and only lost in the top 4 (this was a 6-round power tournament) to a lucky boros deck with all the right burn. We accidentally made a meta deck that swept the floor with all the orzhov decks floating around to beat the expected levels of dragonstorm. (The UG list actually had a 100% win against orzhov when that deck retired from tourament play, going approximately 20+-0 in competitive games.)

    The deck eventually grabbed spectral force, call of the herd, scryb ranger and psionic blast, and we put together another copy of the deck for me to play. The aggressive version of the deck at one point had gone ~26-2 in matches between the two of us and had yet to not top2 a type 2 tournament it was played in. Over that time out constructed ratings went up 175 for him and 85 for me.

    Onto the limited side of things, about a 1/4 of the way into TSP block season, I started to force UG. Every week. It had the best creatures and combat tricks and never did worse then 2-2, sometimes winning me the draft up to 4 weeks in a row. My limited rating in this period went up from sub 1600 (1526 to be exact) to above 1730.

    From all these good memories (plus the block blink snake deck that got me 11th in my first constructed ptq) I can't help but love UG!
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    Pretty sure I'm not about to give away my age Rolleyes
    I will say Tom is older than I am, though I won't say by how much.

    Maybe we will make the age-guessing our next comment contest Wink

    Thanks again for listening everybody...
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    Oh hey, Derek finally got an account and didn't tell us! Smile Derek: Make a request to join the writer's forum so you can get there in case Tom has any problems.

    I like W/B. Look at my avatar.
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    AWESOME! I won the Russian Treasure Trove-I'm so stoked. I've loved this card since it was first printed in Exodus! Of course, I wish they never changed the that sweet picture of Hanna and Karn, but still, I love the card. Here's my address for shipping:
    Joe Jaczewski
    8445 Dale Rd
    Gasport, NY 14067

    Thanks again!

    Also, make note that my screen name is "jokAlhaups" which was an accident I made when I started playing the game. I liked Jokulhaups so much and since it started with the same two letters of my name, it was perfect. So I set up my first free e-mail address as: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] Ever since then I've always used the improper spelling, even though I know it's wrong. It's kind of mine. But whenever someone sees my screen name, they always think about the card so it gets the point across.

    My favorite color combination is U/R. I always liked the control cards and card advantage of blue and loved the burn of red. My favorite all time deck was Forbid Squee way back when where you could lock them out with an Arcane Laboratory and make a huge Mindless Automaton (this was extended at the time). Those weren't hybrids, but still U/R has gotten some of the best cards since: Suffocating Blast (counter burn), Jilt, Fire/Ice, Niv-Mizzet (combo with a Planor Chaos aura), Djinn Iluminatus, Gelectrode, Electrolyze (burn and draw), Izzet Guildmage (combo with Arcane stuff), etc. I'm looking forward to some more U/R cards. I hope they don't try to balance them and they're as good or better as the previous printed cards. Hopefully we'll get a U/R filter land so I don't have to take so much pain from the Shivan Reefs! Reflecting Pool is not enough, I want more!
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    I have some EDH cards and rare Magic basic lands (APAC, EURO, ARENA, etc) so message me if you're looking.

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    So many colour-combinations I love! WiG for the casual deck I'm making (Finks + Juniper + Altar of Dementia FTW Smile ), BRrr for being my Highlander colours (just kill everything, basically), GRrr because Gruul was my first (semi)competitive Standard deck. Also, I've been attracted to GU and UR because of their unique combination of blue with an enemy colour, making it much less predictable! Smile
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    I've always been a fan of the white / red combination myself. It's such an underdog color combination. It's like green / red, except green has better creatures and some card drawing. I don't really play a white / red color combination too much, because I can't really get the manabase to work the way I want it to. Kithkin could really use some red, but the lands doesn't really support kithkin and burn spells in the same deck. Plus, it's an aggro color combo and I like aggro. Good old weenie rush and burn.

    But since everyone KNOWS it's a terrible color combination, just put some Ancient Ampitheatre and Battlefield Forges in a deck, and go take it to a FNM or something. Just to see people's reactions. It doesn't even have to be Giants, just something fun.
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    Quote from Woapalanne
    Oh hey, Derek finally got an account and didn't tell us! Smile Derek: Make a request to join the writer's forum so you can get there in case Tom has any problems.

    Hey now, i've had an account for a while :p

    To whom would I make such a request?
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    Quote from DerekJK
    Hey now, i've had an account for a while :p

    To whom would I make such a request?

    Don't worry about it. I just shortcutted it got you.

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    Thanks for the cast, men! Don't think we Aussie listeners resent your characterisation of us, we know America was founded by racist bigots after all!

    What was the question again? Oh yes, what's my favourite colour combination? Well, I haven't really got all that many 2-or-more-colour decks! I have a tendency to get colour screwed, so I like to stay monocoloured if I can, but it would probably be black-green in constructed. I love the recycling theme the combination has going, and I like the dredge mechanic a lot outside of dredge.dec.
    In limited I wind up playing black-red most of the time thanks to picking removal over basically everything - this should have been different in Shadowmoor since the BR removal is poorer than usual, but it's so underdrafted i get pushed into it anyway.
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    My favorite color combination is B/W, because it's the only one that lets me play with Vindicate. Did I mention that the judge promo Vindicate has the best flavor text ever?
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    My favorite color combination is blue/red. I always fancy myself as a controlling manipulative type but I'm really much better at ham fisted action. I have the most fun playing blue, but the most success playing red. Back in Ravnica the Izzet were kind of interesting, but the signets and the few hybrid cards I could find, particularly Izzet Guildmage made it possible to play in my own red/blue style that was quirky and tricky but also smashy and explosive. You could say I'm a red mage who wears a blue cloak.
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    My Favorite Color Combination has Got to be W/B mana Mainly because i'm chaotic Evil... i guess.. whichever works.. (and i Kicked major ass at the Guildpact Prerelease) Orzhov built it for me.. i was so suprised... And the Prononciation of my name is RAV - A - SHE. :p thanks for the great Cast Guys.. And i highly suggest the next comment contest be an Age guessing thing (and to those who get it right, get a Prize) First place gets the Main prize and runners up get a door prize :p
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    According to my personal info, my favorite colors are green and red, and I do like (R/G) a lot. See, I like playing with lots of critters (or just strong ones), and I like being able to kill things. Add those together, and you get red/green....Or green-black. See, I love red, I really do. Chaos, destruction, fiery doom, DRAGONS....It's just awesome. But red has pretty much no long game. Sure, you have dragons...which like to die to Terror and the like. You have burn spells....which can't kill the other guy's huge dragons. And actually killing somebody with a huge Fireball, and not a critter attack, just feels wrong to me.
    So I play (B/G), and it works better. Between them, they can kill any permanent, of any size. Black kills creatures en masse or individually, and then my huge green monsters just stomp the opponent to death. It's what I wish Red could do on its own, but my group uses too much removal. So I'm a red mage....whose spells do what red does, just better.
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    My favorite color combination is U/R, because just like the Izzet I know that science is the best reason to blow @#$! up. Just ask the people who made the show Brainiac.
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    Another superb show! Wink really funny too!

    my favorite color combination? White and Red! Im still waiting for its hybrids of that color to comeback... i not sure if it was included in the eventide spoiler booster...
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    I like blue red. Although it doesn't get love from Wotc.. The last time UR saw something of its color combi was in Guildpact and UR there was rather horrible too. Electrolyze was the best card there??
    Fire/Ice or even Prophetic Bolt and Suffocating Blast were my favs.
    I really hope UR gets some good cards from the the next set. And lands too.

    UR burns draws counters and casts some big creature every once in awhile. The most interesting part about playing UR is the fact that it can win from a very bad situation unlike other color combinations that are either winning or losing . When you play UR, you almost always have your back on the wall.
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    My take on Empty The Well:

    Empty The Well B/G B/G 2
    Search your library for a land and put it into play tapped, gain two life.
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    Whatever happened to the secret keyword? :p

    My favorite color combination would most often be whatever I'm playing at the moment (in Legacy, excepting special circumstances, though the following applies to all other formats as well).
    Off the bat, I'd probably go (right now) with UR because I like how UR control can use its burn for control and reach, or UB because it contains the most busted cards. But every color combination has its moments. I like RG because it can go all-out aggro, board-control, or plain combo. I like UG because it has the Intuition/Loam silliness I'm working on right now. BW because it has massive non-counter disruption (Chant, discard), RW for Boros.dec's elegant simplicity, etc. And that's not even mentioning three-color combinations ...
    Isn't it one of the great aspects of the game, that each color and each color combination has its own individuality (or rather several, mostly), strategically as well as from a flavor standpoint? Switching strategies (and the necessary color changes) is one of the huge appeals of Magic to me. Like, I've played Angel Stax for the last couple of weaks, now I'm in the mood for a bit speedier control so I'm putting together UG Loam Control, which may become IchorStill or UG Thresh or UW E-Tutor/Counterbalance or U? Erayo. Once I get sick of that, I may prefer Belcher or Ichorid for a while, in each case loving the unique possibilities the colors offer. Oh, or Aggro Loam.

    As for the interview, I posted my question in the last show's thread, I hope it wasn't missed.
    Really working forward to it in any case.

    I tend to agree with what Derek said on the subject of the EVE Avatar, despite his pronunciation of Blitschlacht being only marginally less funny than past attempts by a certain other show host. But I will say that with Teferi in the pool and green as a very solid accelerator, it may well be better than it looks. You can play it earlier than Oona, keep counter mana up more easily. Granted, I'd skip Mutavault but that opens up the possibility of a splash.
    In any case, I wouldn't have thought Guile playable, either ... It's still one of the worse Avatars, imo, but when all's said and done, it's still potentially a very large beater that helps you stay in the game (imagine it after Ancestral). If it doesn't get played, it'll be because Oona (and/or other finishers) and Mutavault prove to be better.
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    Thank you.
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    My favorite color combo? I have two.

    #1. I LOVE BR. I love the black burns & corrupts to the face with all the sweet creatures.

    #2: I LOVE the idea of the 5 Color Decks WUBRG. I know it is totally not practical and "Quick & Toast" was one of the only competitive decks to actually work (but that was just good meta game). I have dreams of playing a deck with 5 basic lands out on turn 5 and looking across the table to see my opponent's reaction, squinting his eyes, wondering what the heck I'm whirl-winding onto the table! LOL I also have visions of a board full of artifact creatures & artifacts with some color buffs and burns splashed in. How sweet would that be (if it wasn't so incredibly WEAK).

    Great show!
    Can't wait till next week!
    I'm a re-n00b.

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    Loved the show guys! It was nice to hear someone other than Gavin talking Wink I'm just kidding guys :p
    I'm from Vegas lol! There cards are for private dancers, not sexual pleasure Wink prostitution is illegal here in clark county (Las Vegas, and some surrounding cities). The infamous brothals aren't in Clark County. /Random info about where I live.:D

    My favorite color combination would have to be W/R. When I started playing magic some time ago, my deck consisted of all the cards I had. So I had a highly janky 200 card red deck that I wish I wrote down the decklist because it would have been fun to build it again. After I learned about the 60 card thing, and after collecting more cards (At that time, getting random Lots off ebay [with parents permission, of course] was the best way to go) I ended up making a white/red deck. My red side had a bunch of direct damage and some creatures, and my white side had cards like my single Serra Angel, my 4 of Wall of Swords (Complete tech right there), and a bunch of situational pingers like Crossbow Infantry.
    W/R brings back such fond memories of when I first played magic. Thats why its my favorite Grin
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