[MTGS Classics]Momir Basic: 60% Luck, 40% Skill, 100% Awesome

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    This thread is for the discussion of my latest article, [MTGS Classics]Momir Basic: 60% Luck, 40% Skill, 100% Awesome. We would be grateful if you would let us know what you think, but please keep your comments on topic.
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    you forgot that a 0 drop can be Dryad Arbor, a land from FS =P

    i was surprised when my opponent went for 0, and was shocked when he dropped the land Frown

    why is it that i always win, and get bombs, and crazy drops in casual games, but suck out in real turnies?

    my first momir basic, my opponent drops 4 fliers, back to back, each turn -.-'
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    This article was written before Dryad Arbor existed.

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    When this article was originally published, there was no Dryad Arbor. :p Classics are sometimes a bit outdated like that. But turn 0 discard a land for a land that can poke opponent a couple times is lolleriffic and jumps you up to 3-drops on turn 2!
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    Also the price of the Momir Avatar is over 12 tix now and now I need to get another one thanks to me selling it to get tix for other cards.
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    Man, this is a great article. I stopped playing MTGO after Mirrodin, but this article made me start playing again. I traded a Dragonstorm for the Momir Avatar, and I play two-three nights a week now.

    I still hate pulling Phage at 7cc. Or a Rust Elemental at 4cc.
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    If you like Momir you should try Jhoira:

    , Discard a card: Copy three instant cards chosen at random. You may play one of the copies without paying its mana cost.
    , Discard a card: Copy three sorcery cards chosen at random. You may play one of the copies without paying its mana cost. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.
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