Cranial Insertion: 99 Questions of Rules on the Wall

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    This thread is for the discussion of my latest article, Cranial Insertion: 99 Questions of Rules on the Wall. We would be grateful if you would let us know what you think, but please keep your comments on topic.
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    I actually learned quite a lot from that. Some interesting (and strange) questions.

    I had no idea Mana-weaving was against the tournament rules (but then I do not play tournaments) as that is how we always shuffle!
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    Mana weaving isn't strictly against the rules, but you have to be very, very careful doing so to make sure that you've randomized the deck - it's unadvisable since it can look a lot like cheating, but it is broadly legal. My suggestion to my players who really worry about clumps is to weave and shuffle a bunch between matches, not games, and then to stick their lands into their deck after a game instead of piling them on top.

    And apologies from us as editors for the mistakes with the coding and weird links - this article was a bit of a monster to be edited (and is the longest article on MTGS to date, aside from the combined Remember the Weatherlight saga). Smile

    And more thanks to all of our readers for sticking with us. Grin Our two-year anniversary is coming up, too!
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    I think I must have missed that Ertai's Meddling one first time round. I think that might be the weirdest rules effect I've ever seen. OMG
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    Good stuff, I love these ones (just not the layer ones) and hope to become a judge soon.

    Pickyness: You mispelled Question near the end.

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    Congrats on making it to Article 100. And a fine 100th article it was! Grin

    P.S. One minor nitpick though; Fireball isn't the best example for 409.1e. There's no damage allocated by the player for Fireball when it's announced, as that's actually done on resolution. You want Rolling Thunder or Conflagrate. Either of those requires the player playing the spell to allocate damage.

    P.P.S. The explanation for Remand/Flashback interaction is also a little bit off, but we know a lot more about what is a self-replacement effect at this point as well. Wink
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    My head hurt after reading the fiftieth question, great article by the way. I am starting to get into being a rules afficianado and I am interested in the state based effects which are termed as 'Layer(s).' I would enjoy an article just based off of this concept. Humility has been a pain in wizard's side for a long time and surfaces every once in a while, bring out all the tough one's for this. Make us a multi-Layered cake please! sneakybread
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    If I remember tonight, I'll go in and fix the few coding issues we had, as well as clean up the answer regarding Remand and flashback. While flashback would win if they were competing replacement effects, Remand is a self-replacement effect and thus gets applied first. Flashback still beats it up, takes it lunch money, and crams it into a locker, though.

    Quote from G0-DRAW »
    I am interested in the state based effects which are termed as 'Layer(s).'

    State-based effects != layers. The layers are covered by the 418.5 family of rules, and SBEs are in the 420s. I've thought about doing a single-topic CI on layers, but there are probably enough questions out there to do an article just on layer 6 (P/T). We'll see what we can do for an article about all of the layers. In the meantime, the "Relearning Humility" article does get into them to a degree.
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