Modern Masters: Draft archetypes

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    What are your guesses and hopes?

    Aaron Forsythe talked about:

    I hope for Affinity, Jund, RG Aggro/Zoo, UW control and BW Tokens.
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    Well, I do believe that when the cards come out we willdiscover new archetypes in draft, and they could work better than the planned by the Design team. You know, remember how Delver was a common card that people had no faith in it, and turned out it could be a Win Con in a great tempo deck? Sometimes they try and fail to predict all of the things.

    Also, we can't know the archetypes without knowing the cards, because so far we know that only 'Goyf is there. And we shouldn't expect every single Tier 1/2 decks in modern right now to be a draft archetype, well, because of reasons. Obvious ones.

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    Nothing. All I want is Heroes vs. Monsters spoilers.
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    Two that have never been draftable before, but could be if enough support for them is in the set:
    Enduring Ideal

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    I doubt affinity will be back in a playable form. I think they learned their lesson last time
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    bestcard.dek will probably be whats done most often. Especially if we get filter lands along with some of the most iconic cards from 8th thru Alara.

    I doubt affinity will be back in a playable form. I think they learned their lesson last time

    The fact robots/Affinity is in the format gives them a reason to print Affinity cards. Just remember those cards banned now wont be reprinted in the set. So no artifact lands. Also they mentioned the shifting of rarities which can fix the brokenness in draft.
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