Tokens, werewolves and Ratchet Bomb

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    It looks like a lot of the Innistrad cards we'Ve see so far are very token-centric, with Skirlsdag priest making tokens, Mentor of the Meek benefitting from littLe creature coming into play, and Mikaeus wanting lots of creature on the battlefield. This is all before even mentioning transforming cards, all of which get stung by a zero-counter Ratchet Bomb.

    Is Ratchet bomb going to be a really defining card in this environment, given that it hurts all your tokens too (which is relevant for puresteel paladin decks and their germs as well? How much are people going to have to build around it, or is it just an annoyance that can be played around?

    Werewolves are something of a special case here, since the bomb can't stop their alpha strike; they could concievably end up as an infect-style deck that needs to win in one hit (alThough I'd probably rather just do that with Infect). Anyway, opinion away, and hopefully this tHread will stop people just writing 'Ratchet Bomb lol' in every werewolf rumour thread, because that is getting old already, and it's only been confirmed for four days.

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    Ratchet bomb is a very skill intensive card to use, and any skilled player can play around it with ease. It will see raise in play if token decks become popular, but should honestly see more play now.

    I intend on playing werewolves, so this is a card I've been thinking quite heavily about.
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    Unless Werewolves or a good token deck hits the scene, I don't think we'll see too much Ratchet Bomb in T2.
    As far as those decks dealing with it, it's really not difficult to do, it's not like the thing has flash so you've got time to deal with it well before it can make too big of an impact.
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