RTR and GTC guildgates have message in flavor text

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    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but has anyone noticed the RTR guildgates spell out "The guilds of Ravnica" in the flavor text?

    Each gate has several letters that are elevated higher than the rest:
    Azorius: Senate, justice, foundation, Ravnican
    Izzet: those, release, their, creations
    Rakdos: Enter, indulge, may, again
    Golgari: starving, rest, Ravnica
    Selesnya: united, open, and

    The GTC gates follow a similar pattern, but I can't tell what they say... Can anyone else figure out?
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    Probably the name of the guy who really shot JFK

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    Maybe im dense, but what pattern are you following? Looks like random letter selections to me.
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    eerie. i recently made a post with a secret message just like that on another forum. but it's for KARA and spells out all five members' names.
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    It helps if you look at the physical cards, but some of the letters in the flavor text are misaligned. They appear a couple pixels(?) above the type line.

    Edit: I'm following traditional color order: (WU, UR, BR, BG, GW) one letter from each card.
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    Wow, that is a really cool find. It's very hard to find though.
    On gruul it's easiest to see.

    Gruul: Enter and leave the shackles of society behind.
    Simic: Enter and comprehend the perfection of orchestrated life

    In the boros one the R in hearts seems elevated.
    Don't have time to look closely to the others sadly
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    this is really cool.

    someone with better eyesight than mine should start working on the new gates.
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    Dimir: mastermind, lies, deception
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    In addition to what soulflame said:

    Dimir: Enter and become a mastermind of spies, lies and deception.
    Boros: Enter with merciful hearts. Exit with battle cries.

    Very interesting find indeed.
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    Huh, I thought this was just silly looking-too-hard stuff until I actually checked and saw that, sure enough, those letters are definitely slightly off-kilter. Wow, that's incredibly subtle and really, really interesting. I suppose the story of the block does involve looking for clues to a secret maze hidden in plain sight, so this is something in keeping with that theme.

    The order for the Gatecrash guilds, starting with white and having consecutive colors, should be: Orzhov, Dimir, Simic, Gruul, Boros.
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    Orzhov: wealth, security, for
    Boros: merciful, hearts, cries

    This gives us:

    I think there are some missing, and we may have to rearrange the guilds to some kind of WUBRG order. The first word, I believe, is 'world'.

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    OP's guildgates are in order of color combination, so if we go in order of the color combinations released last week it should be like this:


    Just a guess, anyways. I could be completely off base, but it's a place to start. Also, OP only has 5 posts... lurker, or plant?
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    Wow, this is actually awesome.

    Orzhov; wealth, security, and eternal life... for
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    At first I was like, "whatever, it's late at night." But then I looked. I was thinking it just might be the font, but there's inconsistencies here. There could be something going on there. Some of the letters do looked raised, but it's hard to tell on screen what they are without blowing them up and photoshopping a line underneath them.

    If you're going to put together a "secret message", I'd suggest do them in "wheel" order as seen on Tablet of Guilds:


    Maybe there's a larger code at work. (Think Dimir).

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