2012 Holiday Gift Box

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    Why don't they just put this stuff back in fat packs? Oh yeah.....MONEY!!!
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    On the Christmas wish list immediately.
    I like how this is cheap enough that my wife can palm this off to a random family member to stick under the tree for me. Two thumbs up, WotC. You're now officially forgiven for asking me to pay $75 for Commander's Arsenal. Smile
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    Is it me or is Wizards prioritizing (more than usual) selling us bundled crap with a few cards or boosters ? After the cold shower that is "FtV: Arsenal", this seems like another one in the form of crap on a stick. I'm puzzled thought at the 20 basic lands. Why 4 of each ? That's not even enough for any form of limited deck. Full-arts ?
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    Quote from or4nge
    Will it fit the my cube in it is the only think I care about Smile

    "Holds 2000 cards", although the shot shows them unsleeved. No idea what that equates to sleeved, but it should be enough to hold a cube, methinks.
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    Love it!

    I want like four or five Grin
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    This looks really cool. If no one ends up buying one for me I will totally buy one anyway. I might even do that regardless; I have waaaaay too many cards that would love to be consolidated into a big box.
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    This is silly, you guys.
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    I really like this and hope it's not a one off.
    I hope they do it for each block.
    And next time with 7 dividers.
    The dividers have to be taller than the cards too unlike the other dividers they made back a few blocks ago with their fat packs.
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    If it can hold sleeved cards I'm interested. Otherwise, not so much. As I would like a nice box to put my cube in although my cube is sleeved for obvious reasons. Seems like a nice product though.

    That was my thoughts exactly. If it holds sleeved cards, and might be good for Cube.
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    I bet it is a metal box
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    If this is sold for anywhere around or below the £20 mark ($32) then I am buying this, probably 2 of them.

    Ravnica basic lands, yes please. I am so sad that my constructed decks use nothing but RAV block and TSP basics as they are aesthetically pleasing.

    Plus 4 boosters, and a cool ass ravnica storage box! Count. Me. In.
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    This is a sweet deal already. Looks like I'm tempted to stuff Izzet vs Golgari in favour of picking up 2 copies of this!
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    Not bad, Wizards, not bad...
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    Loving it! Sign me up for a couple.
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    I'll probably buy this just so it forces me to finally keep a block of cards (Return to Ravnica block) organized for Standard. I never liked the Deckbuilder's Toolkit because it lacked the organizational inserts and I never needed the random cards outside of the packs (by the time updated Deckbuilder's Toolkits come out, I've already opened a ton of boosters from the sets included).

    It seems like this is more marketed to those who want to keep their cards organized, want a cool box to keep their cards in, and don't mind buying some packs of the new set. Meanwhile, Deckbuilder's Toolkit is more marketed to those who are just getting into Magic, and may want to buy a product outside the Event and Intro decks.
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    I like that the stickers use the type symbols from futureshifted frames. Those were cool.
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    Quote from shadows23
    Why would someone want this instead of a deckbuilder's toolkit??

    Because my cube has outgrown my current box, and this thing is perfect!
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    I notice some Alara and Zendikar stickers are included. Is it too much to hope that there are stickers for every Magic expansion on those sheets? Timeshifted ones would be great.

    Throwing in a practically free promo is nice, but it makes Commander's Arsenal even more ridiculous.
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    This is pretty sweet! Thumbs up WOTC ^-^
    I think they should put a spindown life counter there :p
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    It's a nifty little product. Not superexciting or anything, but nifty. Methinks I'll pick one up, yeah...
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    EDH deck box?
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    I am so going to be picking up a couple of these, as I need the storage space, Ive been playing since the tail end of New Phyrexia and now have 5 fat pack boxes and 2 deckbuilders toolkits and thats still not enough room to house all my cards!

    These would be purfect! Also as i have brought 5 fat packs i dont need any more spin down life counters since i was very lucky and got all 5 colours from the 5 packs XD (plus the nice AVR one from prerealse for Artifacts Grin ) so the only spin downs i need would be for guilds (although its a Ravnica pack so i guess if they did have spin downs they would be guild related anyway XD ).
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    I'll definitely ask for a couple of these this Christmas. Honestly, my family never know what to buy their nerd relatives.
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    Okay, now this I can get behind. This will do wonders for my organization process.
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    I want like 5, is there something wrong with me?
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    20 dollars for a box and stickers and you guys are excited?

    I should apply for a job in wizard's marketing department. Seems like an cake job.

    me: "here's an idea. A shoulder bag, that looks like a booster pack! It has deck box pockets and a spot for your trade binder."
    Guy smoking a cigar with huge gold ring: "what about dice and counters? The kids love that crap.
    Me: "already ahead of you JR, the bag's strap... It has four spin down counters built in... Oh and when the bag is flat, that's your play mat!"
    H.P. penny packer: *puffs cigar* "how much?"
    Me: "$100, but we're going to throw in some packs too."
    Warren VonSilvertush: *puffs pipe* "sounds good!"

    Seriously, when wizards make crap, I want cards. Not over priced life counters, storage units, beer coozies, Etc.

    And I love all the posts saying "man this will be great for organizing my cards". Yeah, because we all just had them laying in a failure pile waiting for an official wizards card box with stickers to come along. :|
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