Epic Experiment + Overload

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    If I cast Epic Experiment and pay 2 for x, and 1 of the cards revealed is Cyclone Rift or Mizzium Mortars...May I cast that card for its Overload price to use its overload effect, or am I only allowed to cast it for its CMC price, and for its normal effect.
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    If you hit a card with Overload off of an Epic Experiments you may cast it without paying its mana cost for its normal, non-overloaded effect only.
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    This fails under paying alternate costs. You can't pay the overload cost with Epic, but you may cast it for its non-overload cost.
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    Note that, while you cannot pay alternate costs for revealed spells, such as Overload costs, you can pay additional costs, such as kicker or entwine. If my understanding of the rules is correct, that is.
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