[RTR] Isperia, Supreme Judge

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    Quote from arvinsim
    The thing is, "dies to removal" argument is relevant if you are talking about control finishers.

    When control taps out to play their finisher, it better be resilient or gives advantage in short order(better yet, when it ETB). As such, I don't see Isperia as the top of the curve control finisher.

    FYI: Ravnica-era control wasn't much about the "one creature" theorem - and RTR is building to look similar thusfar.

    It was the first real "creature control + spell control" type environment IMO.
    Quote from blueconcept
    Black Lotus is a vanilla creature. Deadbore is a counterspell. Artifacts are lands.

    Dungeons and Dragons is an operating system. Baldur's Gate is a magic card. Experience is reasoning. Reasoning is experience.

    Re: People misusing the term Vanilla to describe a flying, unleash (sometimes trample) critter.
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    Quote from ZaHiro86
    Why are you guys trying to play her in standard? She's awesome in multiplayer edh!

    She's like a much worse version of Edric in EDH.

    Quote from Volraths Bane
    Thats ignoring that Isperia is as much about preventing attacks as gaining from them when it comes to weenies and tokens. Isperia ensures you opponent will have to consider if that 1 or 2 damage is worth the card(s)

    That's exactly the point. If Isperia would prevent the attack, then Detain was unnecessary. And if Isperia would have benefited from the attack, then Detain was counterproductive. Either way, they generally work against each other.
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