Best limited pull in DKA?

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    I'd go for Avacyn's collar. Won me the Sealed togheter with Avacynian Priest from INN
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    Quote from LifeKills
    I think the cards I'd want to see the most would be Mikaeus, Requiem Angel, or Vorapede. They all seem pretty devastating

    I versed someone with a Vorapede and it was no problem and i still won then again i did have removal in hand to deal with it as soon as it hit play:D
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    Quote from LifeKills
    I think the cards I'd want to see the most would be Mikaeus, Requiem Angel, or Vorapede. They all seem pretty devastating

    I opened both the Angel and Kikaeus in my pool. Played BWu... Actually only drew the angel once or twice, and was able to cast once. It was good enough but her ability never triggered as I won that game based on pure number of beasties. Mikaeus I always seemed to draw. It was just miserable. I could never seem to find a third swamp, but I did have some tricks to help get him out. Mainly Civilized Scholar with Unburial Rites. THAT was really the best way I got him to work, and yes he did win me games.

    HOWEVER, my best combo was Undying Evil and Ravenous Demon. Sac a human for "food" to flip him, use UE on the Human, bring it back to be able to use it as food again. He won me every game I had him out, and the only time the "9 life" issue came up was when I transformed him a turn too fast and tried to draw for another dude... hit a land pocket and failboated after the opponent brought be down under 9 life. I also loved the Nibolis cards.

    Things I hated seeing? That little red wolf that makes all creatures blockable only by 2 creatures... and all the freaking flying spirits everywhere. Sure I had some, but ICK. - Enter Code PANDAPAYPAL for 8% off! - Enter Code PANDA for 5% off!
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    plus lingering souls
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    Pyreheart Wolf won so many games for me by essentially turning my fliers into unblockables. Got stuck playing UR aggro because my pool was just unfairly awful.
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    Artful Dodge and Rotting Fensnake were my allstars going 4-2 lol! Seriously though, I had the zombie captain and could swing for 12+ on turns 5 and 6. My first pack had 2 Mythics, but they were a foil Balefire Dragon and Mirror-Mad Phantasm. Needless to say my other packs were strong because I would have said screw it if they were my best lol.
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    yup beguiler won me a few games its such a good card in limited. this guy had a card that tapped non humans and kept on tapping my demons until she dropped once she hit the strip it was over i grabbed his stupid non human tapper ( which he tried tapping my BOW which i pointed out was human so tuff luck) tapped all his non humans and took his humans Grin he threw a mini tantrum and was a dike the rest of the day while i scooped up whatever else he had on the board and coming out he ended up dropping the match and stormed off upstairs to cool off lol i won so i was happy. traded her right after though shes ok in other formats but to much burn removal she can go down on a gut shot not cool and a 5 drop for a 1/1 mhh.
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    signed up for 5 flights and played in 2.

    all i gotta say is.... bombs or gtfo.

    every game against decent players was pretty much decided by bombs. found it to be really stupid. i did end up going 7-1 overall but i dont think playskill was the reason for my loss or my wins.
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    He carried the team on his back doe
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    every game against decent players was pretty much decided by bombs. found it to be really stupid. i did end up going 7-1 overall but i dont think playskill was the reason for my loss or my wins.

    See I found it was "he who lands the fliers first wins." I had plenty, but it still wasn't enough. Every game I lost but one I can legitimately say was due to mana issues, even after adding/subtracting lands and making sure I had fixing. - Enter Code PANDAPAYPAL for 8% off! - Enter Code PANDA for 5% off!
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    Adding DKA to the mix has added probably 6 to 12 more different stratagies to the limited mix. Sealed has always been a fickle format. Either you get the finisher and removal or you dont. Most times good limited players can open their pool and know how they are going to do. Of course Sorin is a bomb, but there are many others too..some at uncommon. Double spirit lords and a few spirits or spirit token makers can carry you thru the pre-release.

    Played in 4 flights and went 3-0-1, 3-1, 0-1-1 drop, 1-1-1 drop. Interestingly, I felt the last 2 pools were incredibily better then the first 2.
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    For me my top champs were Fires of Undeath Tragic Slip Undying Evil and Feed the Pack.
    Feed the Pack was a champ it saved me from a pretty nasty 2life left scenario and won me the game multiple times. Slip was nice for all those pesky indestructible and undying evil worked great with my pitchburn devils. Good old Jund colors.
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    i enjoyed Diregraf captain, he makes combat very rough for your opponent especially packed with reap the seagrafs and moan the unhallowed
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    When I had board presence advantage, Markov Warlord won the game every time.
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    Lets see, I opened a Geist of St. Traft, a Snapcaster Mage, a Markov Blademaster, and a Balefire Dragon. Was that a good pull?
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    Went 6-0-2 (split finals) mostly thanks to Clinging Mists and Increasing Savagery on an evasion and/or hexproof creature.
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    The dumbest card I played against was Falkenrath Aristocrat- 4 mana 4/1 haste and evasion who can blank removal, durrrrrr
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    Seconding Havengul Lich and Markov Warlord. The former won me plenty of games, while the latter was really good at finishing off the opponent.
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    I went 5-0-1 splitting the finals but technically winning on tiebreaks. I didn't have any bombs, just U/R aggro. Stormbound Geist is actually insane. I got 2 and they are really hard to beat.
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    Whenever I draft a new set that is a mix of old and new packs, most of my playables are in the older set. So as predicted, again it happened. Curse of Death's Hold, Falkenrath Noble, Murder of Crows, and Bloodgift Demon got there. I wanted to play Geralf's Messenger in my deck too, but at 9 Island and 8 Swamp, I couldn't justify playing it. Luckily I did that because in 6 rounds, the earliest I could have played it was turn 6 in 1 particular game.

    My best Dark Ascension card in my deck was Harrowing Journey. The card is amazing because it is 3 direct damage that people don't expect out of UB and can draw you 3 cards too. My card advantage engine was in overdrive with Forbidden Alchemy, Harrowing Journey, Think Twice, Divination, Moan of the Unhallowed, and Bloodgift Demon.
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    I agree with the fliers comment. I wasn't playing a deck with fliers (R/G), but I lost two rounds, only because I had played against fliers (when they didn't land fliers I won easily).
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    I like how the addition of DKA makes a Dinosaurs strategy really possible.

    There's soooooo many giant guys now.

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    Feed the Pack is a very bomby card in limited. especially with undying and the blue zombies.
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    Quote from katrenary

    The vault of the archangel is just flat silly. It makes combat impossible for your opponent and can break stalemates like a boss. I didn't lose many games when it landed.

    Yeah I pulled 2 of the Vaults. Its incredibly redonk. There were multiple games where I ended it at more then 30 life cause I got a bunch of token producers.

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    Got on the top 16 with Esper Drogskol Captain,Storm Geist,Tower Geist,Spirit dudes,Midnight and a lot of removal.
    Too bad I didnt pulled a Dungeon Geist or Lingering Souls and basically no rares(I only used that big Undying Skaab)

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