Rumor Mill rules and regulations

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    Before posting, take a quick second to review these rules.

    • As an entry point to the rest of MTGSalvation, we are more relaxed on spam. Most spam will merely be deleted, but if we find you going on a spamming spree, or it is a common theme, an infraction will be issued.
    • Related to that, these forums have a thanks system. If you see a post that has an opinion you agree with, we strongly urge you to thank it rather than parrot. This will cut down on the number of “This art is awesome!” and “This card sucks!” posts.
    • Similarly, please use the search function. This will allow you to see if anyone has already posted about your news.
    • Flaming will not be tolerated. There is no need to insult other people. You may attack ideas, but do so while being civil. Cite your sources if at all possible.
    • If you have a scan, card image or similar, we suggest using the ‘manage attachment’ option beneath the posting box to attach images. This serves two functions. It will keep your image from being removed or running out of bandwidth, and it will keep you from possibly receiving an image leech infraction.
    • If you have information from an EBAY auction or Craigslist sale (or similar sale site), do not link to it. This is not Market Street, and advertising isn’t allowed. Feel free to comment on the auction, but do not link it.
    • Do not complain about slow rumor seasons or individuals who post information. Both are spam, and in regards to spoilers, it’s punching a gift horse in the mouth. We appreciate any little information we get.
    • Please do not perform necromancy on threads. If you see a thread that has been dead for about a month, please leave it that way. The exception to this is new information on an upcoming product.
    • The Rumor Mill is not Custom Card Creation. Please do not post your designs in the Rumor Mill.
    • If you are merely guessing off of general themes and hints, that goes in Speculation. If you are wildly guessing with no basis in anything currently happening, that goes in Baseless Speculation. Threads not in their appropriate section will be moved.
    • We do not encourage, condone or support the breaking of NDAs or other legal contracts. Do not do it. It’s not worth the risk and consequences that it brings to you and us.
    • Compiled info threads and spoilers allow posting, but once your post’s information has been added to the initial post, your post will be deleted.
    • Box Mapping - Discussing the practice of tracking print runs is allowed, but creating Box Maps is not, nor is linking to one. People attempting to make these maps will be infracted and the posts deleted.

    -The Rumor Mill Staff
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