Shocklands Italian mockups

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    These honestly look gorgeous, I cannot wait
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    That Godless Shrine is unbelievable. Just wow. I like the Watery Grave too.
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    Quote from Pahshowned
    Pretty sure it's a masculine/feminine rule with foreign languages. If you notice a at the end of the card names there's an 'a' which is "feminine". Usually feminine verbs end with 'a' while words that end in e/o are masculine and they end in 'o'.

    The subject of the sentence is the name of the land, hence the tapata/tapato. Subject = invoke the feminine or masculine rule.

    yeah it's exactly this, in italian all the names have gender, and we need to change adjectives and participles in accordance to it.
    as you said the general rule is -a = feminine and -o = masculine
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    I actually like the new Breeding Pool. Also like the Foundry and Godless Shrine.
    Don't like Stomping grounds (but the old one is even worse) and Watery Grave is worse than the original: I honestly don't see the 'grave' in this new one. But the old one is really nice.
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    On a side note, I love learning about source origins of languages, and I saw here that the Italian word for island is 'isola', which in turn is one of the sources of our English word 'isolated'.
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    Quote from TwinSais
    Sacred Foundry looks amazing. Dat symmetry.

    Godless shrine also looks amazing

    Watery Grave looks great

    Stomping grounds is good, I'm still confused what the heck a "stomping grounds" is

    I'm disappointed by the Breeding Pool. It looks kinda cartoony, and that fish is just meh.

    generally speaking, stomping grounds are anywhere you have spent a long perild of time at, or feel comfortable being, or have a reputation. "that bowling alley was my old stomping grounds back in the day". In this case, i think its ground that the Gruul spend a prolonged period of time stomping.
    I don't like the new MtgSalvation look.
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    And Timmy cards.
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    They're using known art. Unfortunately, they aren't using the new guild symbols as the watermarks. Takes away a little bit, but still awesome none the less!
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    nothing as bad as the RTR temple garden, and the godless shrine is so sick. Overall very nice
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    out of the 5 I like the Godless Shrine and the Sacred Foundry (seems so much like the originals).

    Although I'd hoped they'd take a page from the original ravnica and get the same artist to do all 10 (preferably Mr. Avon)
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    The art on Sacred Foundry, Godless Shrine, and Watery Grave I like. Not so hot on either Stomping Ground or Breeding Pool though.
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    the mock ups turned out to be true
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    Quote from demonz666
    the mock ups turned out to be true

    We already knew that, though-
    there were pics of them from the PAX party Wink

    Still, it's nice to have the "official" English versions.

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    the mock ups looked solid they will be true
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    Quote from Dudeperm
    the mock ups looked solid they will be true

    We know they're true. We had everything but the flavor text and card numbers, which were provided by the Card Image Gallery.

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