12/27 Mothership Holiday Preview: Treasury Thrull

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    The Orzhov take their taxes with force. Can't wait to see the bonkers undercosted card we all know they'll make. >:3
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    Quote from ApocryphaEffect
    I thought the Thrulls were once people... That doesn't look like it was once a people...

    Some thrulls were. They are just melted down dead flesh that has been magically animated into a shape.
    They aren't corpses after all. They're more like flesh golems, where the flesh was originally turned into ooze instead of stitched together.
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    I could see a lot of pass and plays late game with this. A couple extort cards and casting their guild charm on the opponents turn you just dump the rest of your mana into life drain. Again this is the only card we have to go off on but I'm optimistic.

    I'm also a sucker for flavor and this is flavorific.
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    Quote from SoulSalvage
    Always 1 for 1. Keywords never change from being on different cards.

    Not entirely true.
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    for example
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    It'll always be 1-for-1 because there's nothing outside reminder text, like Annihilator has its numbers. Without reminder text, it is literally just "Extort" so it'll only be (W/B) for 1 life each. If it were variable, this card would be "Extort 1" or "Extort (W/B)" or "Extort 1 - (W/B)", or Extort would be an italicised ability word.

    Absolutely not.

    It's trash. In all constructed formats.

    this goes for most of the guild keywords (trash in constructed formats)
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    absolutely love it in multiplayer... one mana to ping everyone for 1 and gain 3-5 life? Repeatedly? Sign me up.
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    Orzhov flavor is too narrow.

    Yes. They are the Medici Ghost Mafia. I get it.

    I do like the mana sink though. Esper Control anyone?
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    Absolutely not.

    It's trash. In all constructed formats.

    what an insightful and useful comment.
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    This makes me wonder are they saving the best mechanic for last you think? I figured they would save the most popular guilds for last but already having Boros and Simic mechanics spoiled so far would negate that thought.
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    Extort seems very weak outside of multiplayer. It is very flavourful, though.

    The fact that it discourages playing more than two colours could also hurt it in limited.

    There are still many more cards with the mechanics to be spoiled, but so far, it seems like the weakest for both limited and constructed.
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    Absolutely not.

    It's trash. In all constructed formats.

    Do you have evidence or reason to back that up? Or are you going to continue throwing out statements we don't have to believe due to a lack of thought on your part?
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    Quote from gdiffuser
    To dispel all uncertainties here rules-wise, for each creature with extort you controlled, every time you cast a spell, the extort triggered ability would trigger for each one, and you'd have to pay one mana for each one.

    That's really cool.

    In an Extort deck, essentially your Murder/O. Rings/Wraths can double into Drain Life's if you have nothing better to do.
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    reminds me of exalted
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    its... mehhhhhhh....
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    This is probably my favorite mechanic in a long time. In a deck geared to stall out, Extort turns any topdecked spell into something much more potent than it would be on its own. Moreover, Extort isn't a creature-specific keyword, so there could easily be Extort artifacts and Extort enchantments or even an Extort land that can dodge sweepers. Stall out the board, gain life faster than Aggro can drain it, and eventually bleed out your opponents simply by stacking on extras to your topdecks.

    I freakin' love it.
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    Card isn't terrible... quite good in limited and might see a little bit of standard play. The mechanic isn't as terrible as I thought when I first posted this. It can work with a late topdeck if you need to sink mana. As long as the cards are decent, I don't mind it, as it can only make such spells better. I actually kind of like it.
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    I like this. It plays into what I think is cool about WB control.
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    while I don't like his use of the word "never"

    annihilate is the keyword, having a value is different than this.

    Dredge is a keyword, but certain cards had different values.
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    Quote from Karmakin
    Flavor wise it's great. But playability wise..it's not just the worst guild keyword/ability, I'll go as far as to say it's the most boring keyword/ability we've seen in a LONG time.

    unleash has this beat by miles when it comes to boring.
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    I like extort and I hope they have some really good extorters in this set!!

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    Why on earth are we making EDH keywords now? Is Wizards that desperate? Unless you're playing some massive EDH casual thingy, this is . Even then, its decent. Sure, it may break late game stalls, but I just highly dislike it.
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    This mechanic is mega narrow. It literally only does one thing with no possible variety between instances of extort. However there may be synergistic cards that care about life loss/gain triggers. That will be cool. I would be super surprised if a creature hits standard because it has extort. It's just an ability that makes cards overcosted for no reason. This kind of design bums me out. I only play limited and edh, so I can't really complain. The ability would be bombtacular(limited) if you don't mind paying 4 or 5 mana for bears with this ability.
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    What a bizarre mechanic-
    I suppose it fits the theme of the Orzhov, taxing people to death and all that.

    It just seems a little... narrow?

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    Question for someone who understands rules and templating better than I: do multiple instances of Extort stack? Like for instance, if two permanents with Extort are on the battlefield, and you cast a spell, paying one mana for the Extort effect, is the life gain/loss increment one or two?

    They stack, but not quite like you seem to be saying. Extort is a triggered ability, so each instance of Extort among permanents you control will trigger when you cast a spell. As each trigger resolves, you'll choose whether to pay 1 to drain your opponent(s) for 1.
    Quote from "Lully" »
    extort is fine in limited and rewards getting a bunch of them, but it will end up leading to the worst creatures: 2WB 2/2 extort. That's basically what these cards will be. This preview is the worst yet. 6 mana needs to just do more than this. It's unacceptably weak in this era of magic regardless of whether any of us like it or not.

    I doubt it. It's hard to tell for sure here, but it doesn't look like we're paying much for the Extort ability on this guy. Since a lot of the power of Extort is in getting out multiple instances and then having cheap spells to cast, it will be a lot better if it shows up on a lot of inexpensive creatures where we're not paying much for the keyword, and I expect that they're going to do just that.
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    Extort is complete garbage.

    Worst guild keyword by a ridiculous margin.

    If it stacks, then with three instances, i can turn duress into lightning helix for 4 mana. seems fine to me.
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