12/27 Mothership Holiday Preview: Treasury Thrull

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    I already enjoyed Orzohv but between the art, the card and the mechanic I think I may have jut found "my guild" for the block. Also, does the card feel like a fixed Sun Titan to anyone else?
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    Now they just need to print a few Orzhovian cards that do nice stuff when triggering off of lifegain and I'll be as happy as a cleric in a treasury.
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    Extort seems good. I mean its basically a kicker on every spell you cast that drains your opponent and that seems decent. Hopefully they put it onto low costed beaters b/c at 6 cc, this dude is too much.
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    Flavor wise it's great. But playability wise..it's not just the worst guild keyword/ability, I'll go as far as to say it's the most boring keyword/ability we've seen in a LONG time.
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    Quote from GuildCaster
    I'm liking the mechanic. I might have to break out my vault of the archangels again.

    I wonder if its always 1 for 1 or if there will be cards that have different costs but steal more life.

    Always 1 for 1. Keywords never change from being on different cards.
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    without seeing the rest of the cardpool this is probably the easiest GTC guild keyword to get behind so far.
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    Seems awesome. Love the Orzhov, as expected.
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    Seems mean in multiplayer.
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    I like the card, as its definitely a limited bomb. Not sure if it'll be constructed viable, but its still pretty cool.

    Question: With the way Extort is worded, it seems like the cost can be paid for each permanent with Extort you control. True/false?

    Because having your spells double as a opponent-wide Drain Life is pretty cool.
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    Question for someone who understands rules and templating better than I: do multiple instances of Extort stack? Like for instance, if two permanents with Extort are on the battlefield, and you cast a spell, paying one mana for the Extort effect, is the life gain/loss increment one or two?
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    Interesting... could be useful if there is an easy infinite mana and spell engine.
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    My favorite of the preview cards so far. If these are indeed the guild promos, then so far, my choice to go with Orzhov still stands. I'm reminded of the days of the original Ravnica, playing BW spirits with Thief of Hope and Ghost Council. Grin

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    Quote from Valyon
    Big question is:

    Does this stack? Do you pay for each instance, or if you have 5 extort creatures out, do you just pay one and they lose 5 life?

    Either way, it's a supremely cunning mechanic.

    I'm not 100% but I think if you have 5 creatures with Extort in play you would have to pay 5 W/B mana for them to lose 5 life.
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    Treasury thrull. 4wb

    Extort(whenever you cast a spell, you my payw/b. If you do, each opponent loses one life and you gain that much life.
    Whenever treasury thrull attacks, return target artifact,creature,or enchantment from your graveyard to your hand.
    Looks like a limited powerhouse, and I can't wait to see what the new mechanic offers in constructed.

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    I'm impressed. This is definitely a control deck card so anyone complaining about the casting cost should try to keep that in mind. I like the blood-artist-ish ability and I see this being used in heavy black decks with gravecrawler. Token decks, lingering souls can be activated a second time on flashback.

    This card will see play in control and token decks beyond any shadow of a doubt.
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    I think it triggers for each creature. That makes sense, right? Totally makes sense.
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    Extort is complete garbage.

    Worst guild keyword by a ridiculous margin.


    it's likely better than bloodrush and battalion if we're talking standard.

    mana sinks are awesome, almost every instance of mana sink has been very good, buyback, flashback, kicker, overload, manlands, level up.

    being able to fill your curve with a drain for 1 is actually reasonably strong.
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    To dispel all uncertainties here rules-wise, for each creature with extort you controlled, every time you cast a spell, the extort triggered ability would trigger for each one, and you'd have to pay one mana for each one.
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    seems like a waste of a keyword.
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    Quote from Wydogg5305

    it's likely better than bloodrush and battalion if we're talking standard.

    mana sinks are awesome, almost every instance of mana sink has been very good, buyback, flashback, kicker, overload, manlands, level up.

    Absolutely not.

    It's trash. In all constructed formats.
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    Lightyears better than evolve, bloodrush, or battalion
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    Quote from Izzet Experiment
    Can you stack the ability? Like play one spell and tap three mana to deal 3 and gain 3?

    Only if you control 3 cards with Extort.

    That's the rub. Alone it's pretty weak. But a set of Extort can turn the tide, theoretically.
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    Well, this certainly gives Demigod of Revenge a run for its money... Rolleyes
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    Something about that card is very beautiful. I think the gold, black, and white color scheme has alot to do with it.

    It's a very nice creature for limited with a great ability. The extort mechanic itself though seems really, really boring. It's not that it's a bad mechanic, getting little incremental advantages with every spell you play is nice, but it's really non-interactive. It does nothing to the board whatsoever, it interacts only with your life total and your opponents' life total. I guess that's Orzhov in flavor but it doesn't really enrich games in any way.
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    Quote from SoulSalvage
    Always 1 for 1. Keywords never change from being on different cards.

    Rampage would beg to differ...

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