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    Quote from Shade

    Who are the artists for these cards:

    Winter Orb
    Show and Tell
    Nether Void
    The Abyss

    Winter Orb - Brian Snoddy
    Bribery - Cynthia Shepard
    Show and Tell - Zack Stella
    Nether Void - Véronique Meignaud
    The Abyss - Jason A. Engle
    Eureka - Ryan Pancoast
    Metalworker - Jasper Sandner
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    Quote from Gamester2488
    Cube is super fun. I'm glad they did it... I cast a turn 2 Eldrazi 4 games out of 6 in my last draft by playing a turn 2 Channel Smile Every time was instant concession. I got my opponents only white source once, and then he "miracle" the Terminus the next turn and conceded because he didn't have white mana. Channel is stupid in the right deck in this format.

    Heck yeah. I even got off the turn one Mox Diamond - Channel - Emrakul once. That still doesn't top the game where I topdecked Channel with a hand of Black Lotus, Tooth and Nail, Sundering Titan, Blightsteel Colossus, Emrakul.

    Or the game (with a different deck) in which I cast turn three Eureka, dropping Emrakul, Blightsteel, Primeval Titan, and Woodfall Primus.

    Quote from Tybalt
    YSK an easy way to beat Black Lotus>Channel>Fireball is Gutshot.

    That's not in the Cube. Then again, neither is Fireball.
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