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    It was 2 to Core Level Shops and 5 to Advanced Level Shops (originally set at 4 but upped in September).

    If anyone knows the actual number of Core and Advanced stores outside of Wizards, then you'll know the number.

    They never turned around and officially stated how many were made so there isn't any other way of knowing for sure.

    It's officially 2,4 , or 5. Not all Advanced Level shops got 5, but the original 4 instead.
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    I might be a bit late to party here, but I just wanted to share my story about how I came upon a CA (well, half a CA anyway).

    One of the few LGS I regularly shop at let me know that they were getting three copies of the Arsenal in. I asked the owner how he was planning on distributing them and if he was going to sell them anywhere near MSRP. He told me that they had something special in mind for them.

    So about a week later I'm back at the shop and I talked to the owner again about the Arsenal, and he informed me that they were going to do a "pauper crap commons" draft tournament and the winners would have the opportunity to buy the Arsenal for the $75 msrp. Basically, he had a lot of crappy bulk commons sitting around that he needed to get out of the shop and thought this would be a fun, unique way of getting rid of them. I thought it sounded really fun so I made plans to go.

    The day of the event had 28 people show up for the tournament, so we were split into three pods of 10, 10 and 8. We were each given a stack of 60 cards from all sorts of different sets (even went back to Ice Age, Homelands, Fallen Empires all the through to M13). So we'd split the stack into 4 15 cards "packs" and draft them like you would normally. It was really fun trying to figure out some kind of synergy with cards from 30+ different sets. I ended up drafting a R/G stompy aggro and making the finals of my pod.

    The store had three CAs for sale, so each person who won their pod could buy the Arsenal allocated for their pod. The guy I was playing against in the finals was a super nice guy (he was there with his son, who was also playing in the tournament), and we ended up agreeing that we'd just split the Arsenal (and the $75 price tag. With Christmas coming up, I really didnt have $75 to drop currently) and we'd draft it after the match with the person who won the match getting first pick. I ended up winning two pretty one sided games and got my hands on a foil sylvan library for first place (along with 8 other of the regular sized cards, 5 of the oversized cards, and half the sleeves). I let his son have the life counter (as I'm not really a fan, and I have an old school inquest counter for commander).

    Overall it was a great experience. Got to play with some cards I've never even seen before, had a great time, got to meet some really cool people, and I took home some awesomely rare cards that I'm going to stick in my commander deck.
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    So bad to hear that many people that wanted CA didn't got the chance to buy it. I preorder one with a friend, I didn't think that my local store will get 2 CA, so I wait to see if anyone will buy one, but standard dominates de big cash flows in my store. 2 weeks after I bought them at $90 usd each. So I got 3 CA's, trade so many cards with friends that agreed that they could pay the online store's price for the cards they wanted.
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    So my local store has three and can't shift them... Eugh.

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    Smart move by Wizards, finally
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    Seriously. If your LGS has these for <$100, you can scoop them up and flip them to They are buying the singles and the sealed box for $150 each. Normally I do not condone item flipping but if your LGS just can't sell them, help them out and help yourself out and move the product to somewhere where people "need" more of them.
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    Better idea is to sell them on ebay for 200+ dollars. Smile
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    just got mine. suprisingly, I had two packs of the oversized cards inside the box! Grin
    must say these cards are beautiful, especially Command Tower.
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