[AVR] Fanatische Rekruten [Zealous Conscripts]

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    Exclusive Preview of the German Wizard's Community:

    Zealous Conscripts 4R
    Creature - Human, Warrior
    When Zealous Conscripts enters the battlefield, gain control of target permanent until end of turn. Untap that card. It gains haste until end of turn.

    Illus: Steve Prescott #166/244

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    I can confirm that the translation is correct, with the exception that the new term is "enters the battlefield".
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    The english name is Zealous Conscripts. It's one of the Intro deck rares
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    I confirm that the translation is incorrect, as the correct name is Zealous Conscripts. It is the rare in the RW intropack.
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    I sure will take your Titan for a turn. Yet again another crazy good EtB effect.
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    this seems kinda great for my rdw as an other finisher option. i mean 5 mana 3/3 haste seems not thaat great, but its "ok" on its own, but the effect can work as a finisher pretty well.

    just take controle over the elesh, or the titan to finish the game. sounds like a card i could play 2 times in my rdw. but we will see Grin
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    Love me more Conquering Masticore-esque creatures.
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    Quote from Dontrike
    I sure will take your Titan for a turn. Yet again another crazy good EtB effect.

    Especially with all the Blink-effects out there.
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    "Target permanent", eh? Interesting. Is this the first card that can Threaten a planeswalker?

    Edit: Guess Dominus of Fealty does that too. Didn't find any others in a quick oracle search...
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    So you could steal a planeswalker - like that new blue one - with it and use its ultimate and get the emblem?
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    Word of Seizing has been a card that does silly things in Cube/EDH so no, this isn't the first card to threaten a planeswalker. It is great to see that card come back as a creature. Red got a very nice toy, but probably not standard playable, as of now.

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    Quote from Dire Wombat
    "Target permanent", eh? Interesting. Is this the first card that can Threaten a planeswalker?

    i didnt even think about that, its not "target creature" its "target permanent".

    means you can take controle over a planeswalker too. or an entchantment, or an artifact.

    makes it just stronger.
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    threaten gideon and get revenge until eot
    wt a nice card
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    Wow, I like it.
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    now that i know that i also can take over a planeswalker, makes me nearly 100% sure that this will somehow go into my rdw as a finisher. but we will see
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    Works pretty well with Helvault.
    This is going into my Bazaar Trader deck.
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    The art is so silly with that crazy woman swinging around that giant sword in one hand like it's a cardboard prop, while holding up a little dagger to threaten the player with the other. It reminds me of Wayne Reynolds.

    Also... Shouldn't the card be the recruiters, since your opponent's permanent is the conscript? Flavor sometimes makes my head hurt.
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    It's easily splashable with a good effect and a not-so-bad body (at least with Bolt out of the format), so I suppose this will see some play. Me, I'll put him in Grixis or U/R to try them out. If they don't work, well... zzz.
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    I'd run it in my Grixis Heartless summoning deck pretty dam good.
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    Well, isn't R getting all the good toys?? Blink decks are going to be very very fun to play
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    awesome card is awesome. Word of Seizing on a stick at the same price (sans Split Second, but hey...)
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    Almost always relevant, and can sometimes win games on its own. Very splashable. Hmmmm, wondering about constructed playability. Sadly, it's a red rare, so probably will be worth 15c.

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    A perfect effect in a set full of Blink effects. In fact, I'd bet that the WR deck is built around blinking your stuff.

    Glad that it can steal something beside creatures. Let your opponent charge that planeswalker and use their ult, or get their Anthem effect for a swingy alpha strike.
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    Oh, that's surprisingly nice. Can steal any permanent? Functions as a Bolt as well? That is actually pretty reasonable for 5 mana. Extremely good in limited. Possibly Standard playable.
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    Oh my God. Forget the planeswalker. This intro rare is much better. I like! Stealing loaded Karn would be so hilarious (actualy I already seen that with Volition Reins on one of my last FNMs in a match UB Control vs UBW Control and it WAS hilarious :)).

    Man. Screw that silly 'walker.
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