[CON] Grixis Slavedriver and Canyon Minotaur

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    Grixis Slave Driver 5B
    unc- zombie giant
    when grixis slavedriver leaves play put a 2/2 black zombie creature token into play
    unearth 3B

    Canyon Minotaur 3R
    com- minotaur warrior
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    Corpse Connoisseur just found his new best buddy.

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    Slave Driver is good, and i have no reason to doubt the Minotaur, Thks for sharing:)
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    I'd love to see the artwork on that slave driver Smile Zombie giant, nice.
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    Woooo slave driver is great! Good zombie deck finisher
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    the unearth guy is pretty meh imo, but I'm glad to see Minotaurs getting a little love. That creature type has been around since the beginning, and gets no respect, I tell ya.
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    It's 8 power for 6 in Black. It's not too shabby.
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    To be fair, it'd be 8 power for 10, because you have to unearth it in order to get it to leave play a second time - without the aid of another card or effect, of course.
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    Now, on topic.. the zombie giant guy seems to be a good limited card and may find slots on casual unearth decks. I give it a B for efficiency and B+ for design.
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    I like the Slavedriver. It helps it's in my already favorite draft color for ALA.
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    its actually 12 power for 10.
    a 4/4
    then a 2/2
    then a 4/4
    then a 2/2
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    So that makes 5 reprints basically...

    11th edition had better not be so damned simple.
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    Slave Driver is acceptable. Not complete crap. But I'd probably only use it in limited.
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    Blag blag reprints, with an even LESS relevant creature type. slavedriver has potential, but seems too slow for aggro and can't qualify as a finisher without evasion.
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    Technically efficient, but not at it's place in the curve. Creatures with no other board impact than P/T at 6 mana don't accomplish much. If you're mulling yourself and simply Unearth him, then he's not a bad deal.
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    Its probably designed as another good limited card with minor applications in constructed. Hill Giant is bad though Frown

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    Canyon Minotaur is a radical departure from Hill Giant though.

    I mean, this way they still preserve the design space of "Canyon Giant :3mana::symr: 3/3" and/or "Hill Minotaur :3mana::symr: 3/3"

    Perfectly playable in Limited... I mean, it's a Hill Giant.

    EDIT: Ah, I've forgotten about Lowland Giant. So Canyon Giant might be like a :2mana::1/2mana::sym1/2r::symr: for a 3-1/2 / 3.
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    Slave Driver is AWESOME. In limited that is. Otherwise, he's merely ok. I wish he was a 3/3 for 5, that made a 3/3, and unearthed for 4. At 6 mana, he seems a little.. overcosted.
    Oh well, still very cool in limited.

    And. Why. Are. They. Reprinting... Hill Giant. W. T. F.
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    Slave Driver is cool, especially in limited, and casual constructed (Zombie tribal FTW!!!)

    Minotaur is meh, of course. But still cool to see that creature type back.
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    I actually like the Slavedriver. I wouldn't mind opening a pair in Sealed, since it gives me more creatures for just one card.
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    Quote from bigbadbazza
    grixis slave driver 5b
    unc- zombie giant
    when grixis slavedriver leaves play but a 2/2 zombie into play
    uneart 3b

    canyon minotaur 3r
    com- minotaur warrior

    great. a hill giant reprint

    the slave drive has some potential. is there a way to flicker something in and out every turn?

    astral slide? no?
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    On Topic: I have no problem with a Hill Giant reprint, these things have to be done every so often.
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    5B's pretty solid. I could see him being something annoying in limited, but we should have something better for constructed.
    'bout the Hill Minotaur.. oh well.
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    The Slavedriver is a very splashable 'bomb' to come from Conflux. At 4/4 it's large enough, and if it has to trade it still leaves you a smaller one. This guy is good enough to make the cut in my opinion, assuming you don't have enough bombs.
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    Grixis Slavedriver- A 4/4 for 5B is meh, but add to the ability to get a 2/2 zombie token when it dies and it becomes okay, add to that the ability to unearth for 3B and you've got a very solid card for limited.

    Canyon Minotaur- This majorly sucks, a Hill Giant with different subtypes. Although given we've already had a Grizzly Bear equivilent in the block i'm not too surprised, limited playable.

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