[Con] Voices from the Void, Gluttonous Slime , Sacellum Archers

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    Voices from the Void (unc)4B
    Domain- Target player discard a card for each basic land type among lands you control.

    Gluttonous Slime (unc)2G
    Creatures -Ooze
    Devour 1

    Sacellum Archers (unc) 2G
    Creatures- Elf Archer
    RW, :symtap:: Sacellum Archers deals two damage to target attacking or blocking creature.
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    first one, good in casual discard decks as replacement of mind sludge , although the sludge is waaaay betteR.

    second one, not even good in casual, maybe limited as flashblocker or EOT flash after oppo tapped out,but Devour 1 not good enough for that imo

    third one, great in casual if it has creatureytype Archer, works lollers with Greatbow Doyen Grin
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    I think the archer seems good in limited since it hits both attacking and blocking creatures. The other are bad, except domain becomes very playable or something(it wont)...

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    Yeah..the archers are really good in limited Wink
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    Ionly like the flash creature.
    it could be a surprise blocker (obviously not a very good one)
    but I like it better when I just devour cretures that would die anyway... (combat/pyroclasm)

    devour + flash is a combination made in heaven. I hope we see more variations on it...
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    Very disappointed by Voices - I was hoping for something more to back up the Nyxathid. Archers and slime are both okay. I can see myself dropping the Ooze to devour a creature before my opponent can mince it, but only in limited and there are many cards I'd pick over it. The archers could provide a little amusement in limited as well, but again, there are better uncommons to choose from.
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    Thanks for the info.

    Voices from the Void- it's a Mind Sludge for domain, probably unplayable at 5cc, if it had costed 4cc I would have tried to abuse it. Limited solid as it should usually hit for at least 3 cards.

    Gluttonous Slime- I like this alot for limited, it allows you to fizzle a removal spell by playing this at instant speed and devouring. Can also be a nice surprise blocker(alpha strike and then flash this in devouring a creature or 2 to screw with your opponents combat math). Constructed unplayable but probably only by 1 mana.

    Sacellum Archers- even with a lack of RW a 2/3 for 2G is solid in this bear heavy format. in a naya deck though it's a brilliant reusable removal option which can block 1 bear and shoot down a 2nd at the same time, high pick in naya. Constructed too expensive on the ability end.

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    Is it me or is black getting severely shafted?

    The third could be good, although forcing you to go threecolor...
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    The Ooze is also actually quite decent in limited, you flash in against removal
    and sometimes you can even kill opponent attacking creature with it
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    Interesting for limited, thats all. Voices from the void is realy nice only when you cast in in turn 4 or 5 making the oponent to discard his bombs/pumps/answers, in the lategame they only have 1-2 cards max. I like the flash + devour but a bigger body (3/3) or a devour 2 would make him more interesting. The archers are solid.
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    The Slime seems interesting for limited. It would have worked well with Unearth if you could play that as an instant. It can be a 3/3 for 2G, but not on turn 3 when you want it. It can fizzle removal spells, so if they had something which had a cantrip effect or otherwise it could be ok. Still, seems only so-so and good in extremely unusual cases.

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    Yay for a flash devour creature! Long overdue.

    All three of these will be useful in limited, but obviously the archer is crazy.
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    I'm still waiting for:

    Domaining grounds

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    Flash devour guy is nice. He's pretty much always going to be a 3/3 with no card disadvantage in limited, if you know what you're doing, and can be severely undercosted fat in some situations.

    The archers is silly strong for limited, but as always doesn't do enough for constructed.

    The discard is actually really good. Mind Sludge saw lots of play back in the day, and this is comparable for domain (if domain takes off).
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    Voices from the Void

    Domain- Target player discard a card for each basic land type among lands you control.

    Average card, playable in limited, where it will hit 3 cards, at least most of the time. May also find some place in a casual domain control deck... if some unoccupied johnny comes up with one...

    Gluttonous Slime

    Creatures -Ooze
    Devour 1

    Very good card. Like said before, Devour + Flash, excellent match: Answers removal (specially the Pyroclasm type spells), surprise blocker, or even surprise attacker…

    Sacellum Archers
    (unc) 2G
    Creatures- Elf Archer
    RW, :symtap:: Sacellum Archers deals two damage to target attacking or blocking creature.

    Excellent board control card. Relevant ability, plus, fair body for its cost. Another good uncommon we should add to the list…

    Good luck!
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    Gluttonous Slime just pawn in game of life. But a great pawn with a board full of tokens! I see Necrogenesis and Bitterblossom in your future.
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    I actually think there are some constructed applications for the Flash Devour guy. If elfball gets infested against Fae, Volcanic Fallout against Red, etc. and you flash him in and immediately beat for a ton when you untap? He's like a blaze in many ways. I think it could definitely be boarded to fight mass removal.
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    The flash devour critter is something that longed to see printed Smile Global burn? Fine, after damage, flash Slime, devour the dying.
    Combat? Ok, I'll block and kill your guys plus I'll got a fairly powerful new guy.

    Sacellum Archers mean that the cycle of critters with main shard color in CC and both secondary in activation spans also to the rest of the shards. I wonder what's the Bant one. I guess Aerie Mystics... sounds Wwith UG activation cost.
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    The two last look decent in limited (flash + devour could be better abused, though :P) I really don't like the void, it's too expensive, and requires more than many can give.

    Overall, they're passable cards, filler-ish

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    i really like the ooze. even though devour 1 is tat great. you can fizzle removal spells. and in combat you can trade and with damage on the stack devour your guy(s)
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    Quote from Machius
    Sacellum Archers- even with a lack of RW a 2/3 for 2G is solid in this bear heavy format.

    Yeeeaaaahhh, riiiiggghhhh... do you have those TP reports??? a 2/3 for a 3cc card, in general, is terrible for green. This cards only saving grace is what it can do. And remember, a card is called a 'bear' because it has a 2cc & is a 2/2 creature.

    Hate to nit-pick, but it makes you out to be naive, and we do not want to give the vultures here (excluding me, I'm just an upright citizen pointing ou a mistake before a real shmuck tries to eat you whole) a chance to pick at the bones of an already wounded, harmless creature.

    Move along people, nothing to look at here...

    Quote from the_fish
    Um...Machius was obviously talking about limited. The last sentence of that paragraph (which you omitted in your quote) was "Constructed too expensive on the ability end.".

    A 2/3 is good in a bear heavy environment because it can eat bears (a 2/2 for 2 mana, in case you'd forgotten). Add to that it's ability to shoot bears, and it is obviously very good in limited.

    I'm not too familiar with Shards limited, but looking over the spoilers of both SoA and Conflux there are a lot of good bears at common, so the claim "bear heavy environment" seems to stand up.

    I'm not sure what you were trying to achieve with your post, but it rebounded somewhat. I'm just an upright citizen pointing out a mistake before a real shmuck tries to eat you whole Smile

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    If the slime card there had been 3/2, it would have made a VERY interesting rare, imo.

    If those archers are right, they're going to be a presence in limited OMG

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    I like the slime a lot. Great for limited to save your creatures from mass removal, and a lot of fun in casual for the same reason. I hope we see more flash + devour. Archers are good in a Naya limited deck. Doesn't die to magma spray or infest and provides nice board control.
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    I really don't like any of these cards. None of them seem very playable, and all are quite underwhelming.
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    Voices from the Void is pretty terrible. Looking at like this:

    Voices from the Void (unc) :symw::symu::symb::symr::symg:
    Target player discards 5 cards. Only mana from basic lands may be used to play this spell.

    That's just BAD. I don't see this ever getting played in ANY deck in any constructed or limited format. Even if a domain deck became popular.
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