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    What happens when you use Animate Dead or Reanimate on one fo the new Gods from Theors, for example Erebos, God fo the Dead. I know these are 2 different questions, but they seem so related I think 1 thread is justified.

    In the case of Anime Dead, if I have less than 5 devotion, what happens? If I have less than 5 devotion, when the god comes into play, it will then become a non-creature enchantment through a state based action. This will make it a nonlegal target for animate dead, which will then go to the graveyard. My question is, because animate dead is phrased "When Animate Dead leaves the battlefield, that creature's controller sacrifices it.", if the god I brought back with animate dead is not a creature, does the 'that creatures controller sacrifices it' clause effect me, considering there is no creature on the battlefield that was brought back with animate dead at the time that animate dead goes to the graveyard?

    In the case of Reanimate, assuming I have less than 5 devotion, do I still lose life?
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    When it says "that creature's controller sacrifices it", it means "that object". If it's not a creature during the resolution of Animate Dead's triggered ability, then Animate Dead can't attach to it on the battlefield, and is put into the graveyard, causing you to sacrifice the God.

    Reanimate dead follows the same rules. It refers to that specific object, whether it's a creature or not when on the battlefield. You lose life no matter what.
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    well I think I can answer the Reanimate question. Yes, you lose the life. It says creature card, and the God is still a creature card. You'll lose the life before any state based mumbojumbo determining its creaturehood happens anyway.

    As for the Animate Dead question, I'd guess yes, but I really have no idea, and no good explanation for my guess.
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    Whether Erebos (or one of the other God cards) is a creature is not changed by state-based actions, but by the application of the continuous effect created by its static ability. That means it can change (or enter the battlefield as a noncreature in this case) during the resolution of an ability like that of Animate Dead.

    The value Reanimate uses to determine life loss is that of the creature card as it existed in the graveyard. (For instance, using it on Clone will always cause you to lose 4 life, rather than life equal to the CMC of whatever you copy.)
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