Sundial + Smoke stacks

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    I have a question, if a player would have a boardstate of Sundial of the Infinite, Smokestack, Trinisphere and 2 basic lands he will never have to draw again, but the question arises if their opponent is playing an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, he might never get to play a spell but he can not deck himself (by discarding the Emrakul at EOT). The person this discussion came up with made the argument that player 2 is not allowed to discard the Emrakul because it would cause a fragmented loop (assuming they have no way to deal with smokestack + sundial) My opinion is that they game would either be called a draw or that activating the sundial is the cause of the loop and thus player 1 would not be able to activate it.
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    Neither of those actions is a loop, because there is no repeated sequence of actions occurring. It's possible for both players to acknowledge that the game is unwinnable and call it a draw, but if they choose not to, their only responsibility is to play out their turns in a reasonable time frame. If neither player concedes and they choose not to draw, so long as neither player is playing unacceptably slowly, they can sit there (effectively doing nothing) until time is called.
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    If your question is "What would a judge do is this situation?", only one person's answer is relevant, and that is the Head Judge at your event. I can quote the rules, but I don't know your HJ.
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    Alright, thank you very much sir.
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