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    I had someone on Facebook ask a question about this rule:

    ‎104.3f If a player would both win and lose the game simultaneously, he or she loses the game.

    I've been racking my brain with this before and one of the cases that I can come up with is Harrowing Journey targeting a player with 2 or fewer cards in there deck and 3 or less life and a Laboratory Manic. Would something like that make them lose and win at the same time or am I off on part of the interaction?

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    This rule cannot currently be applied. It exists as a catch-all in case a scenario occurs in which it could.

    It was written when the Sudden Death rules for single elimination rounds had a player win as a state-based action instead of lose.

    No scenario involving Laboratory Maniac causes this rule to be invoked since the replacement effect replaces the draw, not the state-based action.

    Please don't try and come up with a way in which it would apply. Its very tedious shooting down all the convoluted scenarios.
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    Thanks. I thought it wouldn't but I wanted to make sure before I put a confirmed/uncomfirmed label on it.
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