A couple of longwinded questions

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    1.) Friend A has a Golem's Heart and has a Myrsmith. Friend A puts out a gold Myr on his turn. The Golem's Heart triggers and Friend A gains 1 life. The Myr Smith also triggers and Friend A pays the 1 cost to put out a 1/1 colorless Myr artifact creature token.

    My question being after he puts out the 1/1 token does that trigger the Golem's Heart and Myrsmith again? By paying the 1 cost does that count as the casting trigger for the Golem's Heart and Myrsmith?

    And for that matter how do Myr Sire and Master's Call or Myr Propagator effect the triggers of Golem's Heart and Myr Smith?

    2.) If you Arrest a Captivating Vampire how does that effect it's abilities?

    There are probably totally obvious answers to these questions here but, I haven't been playing Magic for a while so this is confusing me.

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    1. Nope. Both the Mysmith and the Heart trigger on artifact spells. They do not trigger on artifacts entering the battlefield, so the token entering the battlefield will not cause either card to trigger.

    2. Captivating Vampire has two abilities. The first one is a static ability, and is not affected by Arrest. The second ability is an activated ability, so the Arrest will prevent the Vampire's controller from activating the ability.
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