Two-headed Giant Mill?

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    If one player plays Tome Scour on the opposite team, do both members put the top five cards of their deck into their graveyard?

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    just whichever player you target, but if one player needs to draw a card with an empty library, the whole team loses.
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    No, Tome Scour targets a player, not a team. Only the player you targeted mills 5.
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    Tome scour says target player on it, so it only targets one player. The caster would target a player, and that player would mill the top 5. Note that the player can be anyone, including his teammate or himself.

    Cards that affect both heads in a 2hg game would say things like each opponent, like Blood Tithe, or each other player, like Urborg Syphon Mage
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    Nope. Tome Scour says very clearly "Target player", so you target ONE opponent. Compare to things that say "Each player", or "each opponent"
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