Pariah's Shield + Darksteel Colossus + Infect

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    I'm thinking about building an indestructible deck and am curious about this ruling:

    I have Pariah's Shield attached to Darksteel Colossus. I let a creature with infect do direct combat damage to me, the damage is re-directed to the DS Colossus, is damage dealt to it in the form of wither? I'm thinking yes, but want to verify. I have the same question but instead of DS Colossus, how about a creature with protection from colors? Again, thinking yes due to the damage being re-directed. Thanks for the assistance.
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    Redirecting damage doesn't change the source of that damage. Thus, the Colossus will get -1/-1 counters, as the source of the damage still has infect. However, if it were a creature with protection instead, the damage would be prevented, because it has protection from the source.
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